Handmade: Tuesday outfit

At the risk of sounding pompous..I am self-promoting today! I am finally wearing something I made; an item that is very dear to my heart because of its background story. Not to make this intro too long, I launched a collection inspired by my heritage and I truly wanted to share that with my audience and followers. I wanted to make a collection that represented who I am. A bicultural girl! A little Arabic and a little Canadian. I wanted people to see what I was made of; a little traditional, a little eccentric and a little modest! With a lot of heart and ambition ❤ Let’s not forget about that!

What was most exciting about this particular collection (entitled Eastern Pearl) is the fact that the embroidery on my pieces was done with the gracious and wonderful help of amazing individuals; underprivileged women in Jordan that stay in a refugee camp. They’re basically in a shelter that promotes gender equality and that stands up for women to stay strong, powerful and be heard. These women work hard to earn an honest living and that to me was extremely humbling and inspiring. Because I had 20 pieces or so..I couldn’t do the work all by myself, so I mainly focused on pattern making and sewing and left the rest to the genius embroidery fairies. The work was obviously a little more expensive, but knowing that the money  went to a good cause made me feel proud.

I sold a big part of this collection but kept some pieces because they were too beautiful to let go. This one in particular was the first one made and I needed to kept it for memory. And this is how I styled my favorite handmade embroidered jacket…

It’s a long straight cut jacket that is loose enough but fitted enough to be worn as an A-line dress too (if you close the zipper all the way up). It’s super pretty over dresses and even worn with jeans and killer heels. For today, I decided to wear it over a black jumpsuit. This outfit is definitely dressy, elegant and feminine. If styled with glamorous pieces, you can most definitely wear this out for a special event!

I added a little belt to cinch it up and put the emphasis on my waist. And finished the whole look up with my favorite clutch ever. This is another long story…but it’s a piece I bought in a little antique shop in Jerusalem. So many beautiful memories come with this precious piece. Ugh, screw you nostalgia!


What I wore in details:

-Forever 21 jumpsuit.
-Palestinian embroidered jacket handmade by moi!
-Thrifted belt.
-Vince Camuto booties.
-Antique clutch.
-Michael Kors sunnies.


I was never able to wear something I made, because I always felt like I was maybe showing off…but as I got older, I realized that it wasn’t true, it was just an idea I had put in my head because I wasn’t confident enough in myself. But now I know that we are all different and we all have something to offer. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better or it’s worse, it just means we all have something to put out there that will somehow make a difference in someone’s life. So if you take the time to make a garment or make an accessory or make a piece of art, don’t be shy to show it off, because it’s worth it! It’s worth it to show the world what you’re made of!

Always be true to who you are!



It’s just another ghetto Monday…

I woke up quite nostalgic this morning…feeling a little overwhelmed, a little joyful, a little sad and a little excited. I guess knowing that new adventures are soon coming my way keeps me pretty occupied. The little hamster is always going in my head. He’s got to doing squats now! Okay, so I didn’t particularly feel like dressing up too too fancy, nor dress too slummy. I was meh, half way in between. So I decided to bust of some Lana Del Ray music and feel my feelings all the way to my deep deep core. Pretty poetic! And!!! I decided to dress like a teenage boy with heels.

Here’s how it went down, there was a mix of casual, of dressy and a hint of swag. I popped a hood, and there! Outfit down! Drop mic! Boom!

Enough blabbing, here’s today’s outfit:

Obviously I had to add some Snoop Dogg in there! I so made comfort and style work in this one. I did not want to compromise any of that today and I felt pretty successful because I achieved my goal. Mondays are kinda of a drag, so making efforts sometimes in the fashion department is so not required. And that’s why I love the trousers I am wearing, because they’re dressy but they’re one of the most comfortable items I own. Seriously! Forever 21 needs to bring them back. I got them 3-4 years ago and they still look brand new! The fit is fab and I always get complimented on them. They make my tush look super amazing, because they hug all the curves.

What I wore:

-Thirfted jean shirt.
-Forever 21 trousers.
-Forever 21 Snoop Dogg muscle tee.
-Zara red heels.
-Borrowed beanie.
-Borrowed brooch.
-Thrifted studded/spikey cuff.


This look reminded me of how much I like to be creative with my outfits…to try new things and to get out of my comfort zone. Even though, I am bound to hear some negative comments, I really do love experimenting! I always felt like a chameleon in fashion. I am never one particular style. Breaking the rules has always been my forte and fashion lets me be exactly who I am.

It is necessary to always get out of your comfort zones and let the creativity flow. Because as Neale Donald Walsch said: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone“!

Shades of red…and pink!

It’s Valentine’s day! The day every couple out there celebrate their love and spiritual (or not) connection. To me, it’s just another day…because should be celebrated everyday! However, that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited and doll up and strut around showing off my cute little outfit. I mean my lover is miles away and I won’t really go out for a romantic dinner..I mean I could go all solo. I have done that multiple times, but not on Valentine’s.

So today, I decided to dress all cute and send a little picture to my hubby to make him wish he was here! And this is how I ended up dressing for V-day. I was super proud of my outfit, so I obviously needed to document it.


So my outfit was obviously going to be pink and red! Hello! I love red, I wear it loads. Not as much as black, but often. On the other hand, pink isn’t too too my thing. I mean it’s a nice color, but mostly on the lips. When I was in high school, I remember wearing pink from head to toe. It was kinda crazy. Haha! Like a pink lemonade. Then suddenly, I got over pink and adopted blue all through college and transitioned into other colors in university.

So today, I decided to combine pink and red in a different way and make the outfit my own. I spotted this dress in Zara and fell in love. It’s super romantic with the colors, super girly with the frills and super feminine with the cut. What I loved about it, mostly, is the fact that it looked vintage-y with the design and print.

I wore this dress with a thrifted bootie/shoe from a friend. Added red-ish tights, a bkue/grey-ish scarf and a little white clutch bag with silver and pink detailing.

It’s perfect for a date! You can just switch up the heels to your liking to make it more glamorous. I  stormed the snow and totes made this outfit happen. I wanted to wear higher black heels with little red accents, but it was almost impossible to walk without falling flat on my face.

Hope this Valentine’s is the best you’ve had and will ever have!

Tinsel Mania

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! Okay okay! I am so like totally head over heels in love with this skirt! I can’t even! Like so not even, if that makes any sense. I got this bad boy from Topshop a little while ago and I cannot get over how pretty it is. It’s sensational! It’s feminine! It’s sexy! It’s a special piece. For any extreme fashion lover out there, this piece is a definite must-have!

It’s an A-line midi skirt made with the nicest crepe fabric and is adorned with cute tinsel patches on the front. You can totes dress it up or dress it down. Wear it to the office or wear it for a night out. It’s black, so you can mix it and match it with any color or any texture. Just let you mind go and get creative! I got it for about 60$ for the Topshop website, but it’s on sale for 24$ right now and there’s a couple of sizes left.

I was schedule for meetings and so I wanted to make sure I looked professional yet fashionable. Ended up cancelling them and not going…I still looked cute though!

This is how I styled my little baby:


What I wore:

-Voile Chic mustard scarf.
-Thrifted burgundy sweater.
-Topshop Tinsel patched skirt.
-Vince Camuto booties.
-Vince Camuto studded belt.
-Simmons sunlgasses.


I wanted to balance out my silhouette, so I added a belt over my sweater to make my waist be the focus of the whole look. I feel like a proud mama owning this one. There’s endless opportunities to style this number and I can’t wait to get full on creative. Annnd, I got so many compliments on this skirt and I am super happy! Because I know I will get loads of wear out of it. I consider it to be an investment piece and I am sure to get this baby out for loads of spins.

Humpday Outfit

Been on a vintage roll for the whole month of January, I’ve got loads of pieces in my wardrobe that I wanted to take out for a spin. I have been absolutely enjoying using my vintage pieces in my daily outfits. Being able to mix them and match them to modern pieces I own is a total win. So far so good! Yay for vintage. Keep the environment happy and it keeps my pockets happy. Win-win! Or almost..haha! There’s always room for more shoes in your closet, right girls?!

So today’s piece is super special; it’s yet another vintage suit! From Tristan, again! An 80s tailored vintage suit in a beautiful crepe. Annndd, it’s very lightly lined with goldish stripes. Super cute! This time around, I decided to wear the blazer only, as I wanted to be in jeans. I have been doing trousers way too much, I almost forgot I owned jeans! It’s a bigger size and it fit me like a boyfriend cut. That was exactly the look I was going for today.


These jeans are fairly new. I needed a new pair of good high waist denim that hugged my curvaceous bum and hips without gaping at the waist. Hourglass shape problems! Anyway, I always heard that Free People denims were worth the price. They’re kinda expensive, but I was willing to invest in a good pair of skinnies that were high-waisted. And I found the one! Literally just ordered them online based on my usual size…and they fit like a glove! So perfect and so light. They hug all the right places and keep everything tucked in and in check. I love that they’re up the bellybutton and don’t hurt the waist or crotch when you sit. The Payton high rise skinnies were on sale for 79$ and I’m pretty happy with them…and right now, they went down to 65$. Even better!

This is how I style the Tristan blazer…



Since the jeans were pretty tight, I wanted to balance out the top part of my outfit and make it a little looser. I do not like to wear tight all over, unless it’s a sexy hourglass dress/gown of course! However, I didn’t want the outfit to be too overwhelmingly too loose and unproportional, I tied up the front part of my top and I liked how it came out. It’s totes not everyone’s taste, but it made my day and I was pretty content with today’s outfit.

Perhaps my next outfit will feature the pants!

‘Till next time x