Monochromatic chick

Felt like doing no colors today and went for a black and little bit of white look….but mostly black. And no, I am not going to a funeral…as some have pointed out. Although, I would like to take a moment and send my thoughts and prayers to the victims of the tragic mosque attack in Quebec city. No one should be attacked in a place of worship no matter what their religion or race is. I send my deepest condolences to the families of the victims and I pray for world peace! No matter where you come from, may peace be with you!

Anyway, back to the real essence of this blog…my outfit. I want to point out that the pants are vintage! Yay for high waist, yay for vintage and triple yay for trousers. I have been on a trouser roll lately and I totes feel like I’m a little bit Blair Waldorf in this outfit. Just a little bit of class, a little bit of jazz and a little bit of pizzazz. I wanted to express how I felt about another Monday and obviously a black on black on black outfit was the perfect way to do so.

And this is how my outfit came out:


These 80s trousers are the bomb! I got them on a shopping spree in Ottawa in a local vintage shop. They’re so warm and so comfortable to wear. They’re lined and so they’re perfect for the winter cold day. If you can’t tell in the photo that it’s -12, then that’s thanks to the warmth of these awesome Laurèl wool trouser!

What I wore:

-Thrifted wide sleeve black top.
-Laurèl vintage 80s high waist trouser.
-Vince Camuto booties.
-Rayban sunglasses.


I don’t know why, but I am kinda obsessing over the sock trend at the moment. And I love how I can show them whether with pumps or with booties; the look is kinda the bomb! I have worn these heels so much over the course of the winter season and they’re starting to get used up pretty bad! Le boo! I love them because they offer so much style without compromising comfort..which is necessary when you hit the gym too much and your knees start to cry with pain (thank you yoga)!

Overall, love these trousers to death and will totes wear them styled differently. Adding to your daily routines and outfits is pretty easy. Just find the pieces that you love and the pieces you’re sure to get loads of wear out of. invest in vintage pieces that are timeless and that can be easily mixed and matched to others garments you already own.

Experimenting is key to finding what you love!

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