Color Kerfuffle!

When you just don’t know which color to wear….you just go for them all at the same time. This is what I did today! I could not for the life of me settle for a certain color scheme and so I though to myself, just why not? Why not be colorful just for the sake of being fun, youthful and yourself. I bought this beautiful geometric over-sized shirt from Topshop a few weeks ago and today what its first public appearance. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea styling it is a little tricky if you don’t want to look like you stole grandma’s shirt. I decided to take a risk and buy it anyway. It cost me about 25$ CAD. It was on sale on the Topshop website and unfortunately is currently out of stock. But I know that Topshop sometimes brings things back and they’re constantly in and out. So if you’re interested, just keep checking and you might find it!


I bought it simply for the color selection. It’s something I usually wouldn’t go for but there’s always a first for everything.

I decided to go for a turban style today, since I hadn’t done one in so long. I feel like maybe sometimes my face is a little too fat for this look and sometimes I end up with a double chin if I don’t stand in the right angle. Anyway, enough blabbing and here’s the final look:

What I wore: 

-Topshop geometric over-sized shirt.
-Zara culottes.
-Zara heels.
-Vintage neck scarf.
-H&M earrings.

So I totes didn’t follow any particular rules today. I just thought, girl, go for it! You can do this. Although some people obviously had to give their 2 cents…I felt good in this outfit. I felt professional, clean, stylish but most of all feminine. It is important that we feel good in our skin and be sure of what we put out there. Now, I am not saying I never doubt myself…but I always try to know who I am and know what I put out into the world. And even though there were loads of negative comments on this particular look, I felt damn good. So unapologetically good!

The sock thing, ps, was on purpose. It’s a look I never tried and this was the time for it. The cold was reason enough for me to wear sock with my heels and I kinda like it. It’s different but it’s cool! Now that doesn’t excuse your old folk wearing his sock with his sandal! That’s not a look to go for….but this one is super cute.

And, that yellow was just another color I wanted to integrate for another pop of color. I was quite happy with the results…it might be too much for some, but this was my cup of tea. OHHH and,  I think that the sock look will happen again! Maybe with a little more girliness next time!


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