Take me to the 80s

I have worn these pants before…as they belong to a favorite suit of mine straight from the 80s. What I love about it is that I can wear it as a plain full suit or I can deconstruct it and mix & match it to many different pieces I own in my wardrobe. It’s the most beautifully tailored Tristan & Iseut suit I have came across. The fit, the fabric, the cut, the feel…everything about it is just perfection.


So today, I decided to use the suit’s trouser with a different combination, as I wanted to go for something a little more colorful. What better way to beat the winter than to bring color in your outfit. So here we are going back to the 80s….when Canada used to still produce locally!

And here’s how my outfit looked like:

Along with my Tristan trousers, I wore a salmon-y coral-y blazer from Topshop (a favorite piece of mine). On a little side note…I super love Topshop; the prices are great but the quality is amazing. You get you’re money’s worth. And, if you take the time too take care of your items, they will last you ages. This is a blazer I got a little over 3 years ago and it still looks lovely. Plus, the fabric is amazeballs!


I combined these 2 pieces with this floral top from Nygard, which I also own for like almost 2 years now. And last but not least, I obviously wore my favorite booties from Vince Camuto. I like always wear them, I have been on them since the beginning of November and I seriously cannot get enough of them. I like have a gazillion pairs of black boots and booties, but I always reach from this one more. I guess because it’s comfortable despite the height and it’s super stylish too!

I love the color combination of the whole outfit! But I mostly love that I was able to throw vintage in there and re-use some older pieces in my closet. I always get excited when I deconstruct outfits and reconstruct them. It like gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos. Plus, you don’t need to spend loads of money to look good. You just need to be open to mixing and matching in pieces in your wardrobe.


Let your creative juices flow girls! Because it’s the best way to truly express who you are!

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