Neurotic vintage lover

Want to beat the winter blues, ain’t no better way to do so than to add gorgeous vivid colors. I am not one to go for bright barbie pink color, but when I saw these pants on the Asos website, I knew I’d like them, because they’re wide fitted trouser…a little something more than lady-like for me. I am so used to being in jeans that I almost forget that trousers exist. As soon as I got them in the mail, I tried them on! And as expected, the fit is beautiful! It’s wide, sits on the hips and hugs the body just in the right places. Trousers are awesome if you’re trying to hide some of your curves (not that you should! flaunt them sista’!!!!), and they make you look like a grown-up, which is sometimes necessary when you got a bunch of meetings.

They’re in a delicate crepe fabric, that hold body yet drapes poetically over your curves. It’s like a hug! And what a better way to complement my barbie pink trousers than with an epic vintage beaded top!!!

I bought this exceptionally unique and delicate top last summer, in a vintage warehouse scavenger hunt. I was on the lookout for new products to add to my Etsy store…and then I came across this one. It’s one of those top that you look at and say eeew when it’s flat but you know it will look super rad on! Let me tell you it does. It’s a little big for me, but I still like it. It’s cute to wear over top jeans for a more casual look, with trousers for a chic look or over a skirt for a princess-y, special event look. This 80s top is seriously one of a kind. However, it’s sometimes annoying to care for a piece like this because it is one of the most delicate pieces I own. It’s special, yes, but you have to always be careful with it and your surrounding. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing piece to own because you can dress it up or dress it down.

So I wore the River Island pink trousers (which are currently on sold for 32$) with my Sarafino sequin top and added a little more color with my red Zara heels. To make the top part of the outfit a little more proportional with the bottom, I cinched my top up with an elasticated thrifted belt. Then to top it all of, I wore a black veil with some hint of gold lurex thread.

Loads of people were happy to see me in pink as it’s a rare occurrence. I wear it, but not to this extent. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised with people’s reactions but felt super flattered that they found me pretty in pink.

I have a few more ideas on how to wear my new River Island trousers and I am excited with the possibilities!



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