Casual Friday Outfit

It’s Friday! It’s still a workday..but it’s the last one. I usually like to dress down and comfy on Fridays. Fridays are usually sneakers and workout legging kindda day. Today, I had a little bit more enthusiasm to dress casual chic for work..high heels and all. I originally wanted to wear a dress, but since it was a little too cold, I went for a dress over jeans look. Kinda cool, kinda different…

I bought this dress for Palestine 2 summers ago for a local shop that imported from Turkey. I always heard my momma say that Turkish fashion is the best. She always told my sisters and I that buying Turkish made clothing is the best thing ever best quality is never compromised. As I got older, I realized it’s true. There’s not only quality in Turkish made clothing, but loads of unique pieces and super cute styles.

I saw this piece and I really wanted to own it because it’s a dress but a tunic but a shirt in one. It all depends on how you style it and how you dress it up or down. I also fell in love because it’s polka dot! The fabric is beyond exquisite. It’s a soft, beautiful satin..almost feels velvety..that’s how soft it is. Today, I turned it into a long shirt and cinched it up with a belt to give myself a nicer figure.

What I wore:

-Ipekzade polka dot dress
-Rachel Zoe black skinnies
-Vince Camuto booties
-Vince Camuto belt


What I truly enjoyed in today’s outfit is the little effort I put into it. I have worn these pieces before in many different outfit options. These pieces sings out to me. I’ve worn them so so much, especially those Rachel Zoe skinnies. The fit is so flattering and so sexy on.

I’ve been trying recently to buy less, but buy better and to stop buying trendy pieces. And working with vintage is quite awesome, because you get to have unique pieces and you get to have endless styling options without compromising the health of the environment. I also like to invest in high-quality pieces which hopefully I’ll end up using for the next 10 or 20 years.

The fashion world is magical and no matter what, you’ll always find room for yourself.

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