Back to the 80s

Today, I felt like going back…way back to the 80s. I have had these pants lying around for a while, but never put them. I don’t remember if they belonged to my sister…or if I had bought them from my store. This morning, I looked at them and knew I needed to put them on. They are just so cool! Too bad they’re a little too big for me. Chucks!


The palazzo pant trend has been coming back slowly and there are so many pretty ways to wear them out. To events or just to the office, these pants are so freaking stylish and cool. They’re like a pretend skirt, perfect for those days you want to dress up without compromising comfort and warmth!


Why I fell in love with these ones in particular? Well because of the fabric and the endless pleats. It’s in a very pretty crepe fabric; thick enough to hold shape and body and keep warm in the most feminine yet delicate way possible. I truly felt princess-y in it…oddly enough, because they’re just palazzo pants, but whatever, I fully accept the princess title.

For a vintage pair of pants, they’re in the most exquisite condition. One of my colleagues even complemented me and thought they were brand new. I felt so proud and honored to own them…


…so honored and proud, I felt like a princess ninja warrior! Hence the pose! hahaha!

So this is how I styled them. I needed to wear something a little more fitted at the top because it would have been a little too much if I wore a loose fitted top. It would have been way to much fabric and it is necessary to have balance in your outfits, especially if you”re on the petite side. You don’t want your fabric eating you up.

So, I wore a feminine blouse with bell sleeves and since the pants were a little too big, I added a thrifted gold belt for a little pizzazz and color. Then to tie in the gold, I wore my favorite knee-high boots with a gold rim.


I kinda want to make it a priority this year to wear as many of my vintage pieces as possible. And this is my first outfit and I felt pretty happy with it, so here I am documenting it and sharing it!


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