1 sweater…3 looks

It’s getting real cold outside and ain’t nothing better to keep you warm than a great sweater. I know that I’ve said it like 99 thousand times before, but sweater are the way to my heart. I love me a good cozy, warm, preferably soft, oversized sweater. I recently found this one at Winners and I couldn’t resist buying it because of the length and shape of it. The high low on this baby is super cute and helps when I decided to go legging style. I have been doing so much hot yoga lately…became super generous in the bottom junk department, sigh! Having this long is perfect to cover-up and still be stylish. It’s so perfect; I am wearing this to travel for the holidays.


Here are 3 ways I wore this baby:

Look #1

This look is sophisticated but modern, casual but dressy, comfortable but chic…The knee-high boots are totes it for me at the moment! I never had the guts to wear them this high; I always thought my muscle-y thighs were so huge and that wearing knee-high boots would only emphasize them. I sometimes feel like a soccer player…ugh! Anyway, nonetheless, I am happy that I got over this fear and started sporting them a lot more, because they make every look just oh-so-chic! I wore my sweater with my favorite distressed denims (only because my hubby got them for me) and I felt like a true Canadian; grazing away the weather in style.


This look is particularly perfect for travelers of for anyone looking for extra comfort. Since I am traveling soon, I will be wearing this on the plane. You look put together without trying too hard and without compromising the comfort. These Nike runners are like my life…I adore them…plus they make me look cool and like a workout junkie (except I am so not…I just do yoga 2 times a week).


Look #3

This perfect for the office, because you’re not compromising the professional from the office-wear. You get to dress proper but still maintain a certain level of comfort and warmth during the cold days. I know I say this a lot in most of my posts, but it’s so true! I love this look and these pants…every piece in my wardrobe has to be well loved, or else it doesn’t stay there. I prefer donating it rather than leaving it there to collect dust. Anyway, got these trousers like 2 years ago from Forever 21 and they’re the bomb! They make my little bum bum look yum yum. They fit perfect in all the right places. I wish I can find another pair because they’re starting to get worn-out. **so sad**

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