All the bells!

It’s that time (again) to dress up like a 70’s flower power child. What better way to start off the week! I’ve got my bells going and my colors win! I have worn these 2 pieces differently in previous posts and that’s what I love about fashion. The mixing and matching options are limitless. And no one says we can’t try different looks with pieces we’ve worn previously. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. It all comes down to creativity.

I get super hyped when I make different outfits with 1 specific piece I’m in love with. I feel humbled and I feel special for having the talent to mix and match everything. Also, this look in particular represents who I really am. A happy flower child. Whenever I find an item with bell sleeves, bells bottoms or bell anything, I get hyper active and agitated, in a good healthy way, I promise!

Today’s look is feminine is every possible sense of the world. It’s sexy, it’s fresh, it’s free-spirited and most importantly, it’s so 70s!

What I wore:
-Forever 21 sweater
-Zara bell bottom pants
-Zara leopard print booties



And again with these booties, I get so many compliments whenever I wear them. I bought them randomly on a trip to Zara. I was there returning an item, then I walked past these beauties. The only pair left. Then I couldn’t resist and bought them X) And I have been wearing them around way too much lately..and I don’t care (I’m getting my money’s worht, haha!). They’re just the prefect end to every outfit.


And here’s a close up to my wonderful Forever 21 bell sleeved sweater. I have a deep appreciation for sweater. If I could wear sweaters for the rest of my life, I would die happy.

I think the 50s and the 70s are my favorite eras because of the how pretty and feminine the cuts were. There was structure and complexity in the garments that brought sophistication and elegance to a woman’s figure.

That’s why I am always inspired to dress like a little gypsy queen!

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