Noël…Going incognito!

I am Muslim, but I grew up in Canada with Christian friends and so, Christmas is a very festive period for me as well. I just feel nostalgic when December hits because it brings every good memory I had growing up. The snow, the merry people, the festive ambiance, the music and of course the ugly sweaters! How can Christmas happen without the ugly sweater! Since, I do not celebrate Christmas or need to wear an ugly sweater any time soon, I decided to paint my nail green. Yes green! It’s the perfect deep emerald green color you can possibly find. I am so in love with this color, I can do it on the daily.

Going incognito is a deep green color, almost forest-like. Reminds me of pine trees and the merry jolly times of the year. It’s a GORGEOUS teal-ish emerald green that has enough blue in it to prevent it from being too “boring” or too”flat.” The formula is wonderful. It’s opaque by 1 coat. You can definitely get away with 1, if you’re an intermediate/advanced painter. I, personally, always do 2 coats for evenness.


Since this nail lacquer is part of the 2010 collection…you will probably only find it at Amazone online. But, if you’re looking to wear something festive on your nails this season, then I would recommend you go for colors like Stylenomics, Trophy wife or Off Tropics!

If you can get your hands on Going incognito, buy it! You will definitely not regret it!



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