The coat that stole my heart <3

I laid my eyes on this beautiful coat at a vintage fair last winter and I couldn’t resist buying it. When I tried it on, it just fit so perfectly, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t buy it. But as I was trying it, my sister noticed that there were lipstick marks all over the bum area. I guess the owner was a little reckless and irresponsible with it and didn’t take much care of it. I managed, after so much struggles, to get the stain out by sending it to a leather specialist (to whom I ended up paying 5 times the price of the coat). It is definitely an investment because it cost me so much at the end. Nonetheless, I am super happy to own this wonderful vintage coat. It’s stylish and so fun!


This baby is from the 1970s from the Leather Attic company (which later became Danier in the 80s). Genuine suede leather and silver fox fur! I am not usually up to wear real fur…but since it’s vintage, I allowed myself to feel a little less guilty because I am being green and I’m reusing such a precious item. ANNDDD it’s made in Canada! So exciting, right?

I have been wearing it quite a bit since the weather has been’s not too too cold, where I have to wear my heavy parka and cover up with loads of layers. This coat is perfect enough; gives me warmth and style all at once. I wore it today on my way to an important meeting and I felt like bam! I own the world.

Can you tell I love it?!! I can’t stop trotting and jumping with joy. I am so proud for finding this piece even if it cost me so much. A piece this special will forever hold a place in my wardrobe and heart and I will keep it to give to my daughter (one day..if I have any).


And this is what I wore today under this awesome coat:


Yes, it was incredibly windy and can you see how I am feeling so cold  I can’t even smile! haha!

Since I had a meeting, I didn’t want to wear a skirt…because I was so not feeling it and so did my waistline. I ended up wearing my favorite Rachel Zoe denims (which clearly I need to replace soon). A random peasant blouse and a long black vest that I stole from my sister. And of course I had to top it off with my most cherished item of the season; my Zara leopard print booties. Can they be more chic?! They make any outfit seem so important and always on point. They’re the perfect ending touch to every outfit.


So that was my outfit of the day. And I’ve been dying to blog about my coat because I can’t stop mesmerizing and admiring it. I am taking it with me on my little trip this holiday season.

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