Green envy

I wore these Zara trousers in another post…but had styled them a little differently. I wanted to take them out for a second spin and mixed it up with some vintage. I love them trousers because they’re different and unique. The print, the color and the fit are all wins for me…especially the color! I never gravitate towards such a color but I knew that I was gutsy enough to add them to my wardrobe last winter. But since they’re green and little on the dark side, I feel like I should only wear them in the winter. No rules here, it’s just in m head. Anyway, this is the second time I give them a go and I was super excited about the result..since I got to mix modern and old at the same time to make something special.

I rarely like to be matchy matchy…but the since the veil fit so perfectly with the color of the trousers, I gave them ago. They’re a recent purchase from Voile Chic and omg!!! super amazing fabric!!!

So without further ado, here’s the look of the day:

You can totes tell I am ecstatic about this shirt too!! It’s a beautiful vintagey shirt. Pleated, white, classic, super 80s! I feel so freaking feminine and chic is this ensemble. This is super office appropriate and you can definitely do it for a special outing too…just change up the heels for something a little more glamorous. I got this wonderful top in a trip last summer from a random shop in Saudi Arabia and I wore it to death…it’s still in good condition, but the wear is real. I am so sad! I am thinking of making myself a similar one….


And of course, it wouldn’t be me…if I didn’t add a little twist to my outfit. I mean the booties! Aren’t they the cutest! I don’t get the chance to wear them much but I figured, today is the day. Here we are and I am happy I took the risk to add them with this look…because it adds a little je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. They too are from Zara and I got them last winter.

Last but not least…the veil that made my life so much easier because it stayed in place all day! Like no kidding, I did not need to adjust anything or re-do it or play around with it. I almost forgot I was veiled for a second…haha! The fabric is so nice and light, it make it comfortable to wear all day and I am pretty sure it would make a great turban.

This is by far, my favorite outfit. What do you guys think of it? Leave me a comment down below…


Cheers x


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