The over-the-knee boots edit

The knee-high boots trend has been hitting hard lately. All kinds of heights and all kinds of textures and materials…like, I wanna buy them all! Anyway, the over-the-knee boots became popular in the 15th century as men’s riding boots…but over the years, they became one the trendiest items in a woman’s wardrobe. I mean, it’s not every body’s cup of tea, but for those that love that trend, they’re available everywhere now. I guess that the only thing that could go wrong with these boots is that you end up looking trashy. You need to be careful how you style them and how you wear them.

I got my boots last winter from Nine West. They were on sale for 60$. I’ve always wanted to get some, but was scared it would either make me look like an Oompa Loompa or like Daisy Duke. However, when I came across these, I made the plunge. Why you say? Because of the heel!! The heel is boxy and it’s not too high. I can walk and stand in them for hours and not even feel them pinch.

What I love most about the over-the-knee boots trend is the fact that they’re super feminine and all kinds of sexy! In all the right ways! Especially when they’re in a beautiful, good quality, velvet material!

Since I purchased them last year, I always wore them with dresses or skirts. But today I decided to do the jean/boot smart look and I was super happy with the result. So here I am, documenting this historical moment (hahahah!).

I decided to let the boots be the focus, so I wore simple black jeans and a b&w striped shirt. I added some jewels and a colorful scarf for a little oomph!



What I wore in details

-Antique necklace from Jerusalem (which is available for sale).
-Thrifted striped shirt.
-Rachel Zoe jeans.
-Nine West boots.

I cannot get over these babies!!! They’re so beautiful and I love them so much that sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t wear them because they’re precious.

If you’re looking for a nice pair of knee-high boots, there are some really gorgeous ones on Asos, Nine West and Aldo that are currently on sale….

‘till next time!


Cheers x

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