The Cher Horowitz edit!

This is the day I woke up and decided to dress like Cher Horowitz from Clueless. I grew up watching this movie and sometimes, even now at 30, I sit down and watch it whenever I need a pick me up. This movie totes shaped my life…like literally! It’s totes a 90s cult classic! I’m always quoting this movie!

Side note…can we take a moment and rave about how awesome Cher’s closet was?! I mean, hello! Not only was it organized by color, season and type of clothing, but it was also accompanied with a fancy computer program that helped her choose outfits. It was the biggest pivoting closet system I’ve ever seen. I was so envious of her closet…but now I have so much clothes, with what I do (selling vintage), I don’t even know how to organize it anymore! Well, I do! But it takes so much time, it hurts! So, I am not so envious anymore…but it would still be awesome to have a closet like that.

So today, I was inspired and wanted to dress like Cher and the layering was perfect because it was a little cold in the office. So here’s the outcome:


What I wore: Forever 21 cropped sweater vest – Thrifted long striped shirt dress – Forever 21 pleated faux – leather skirt – Nine West knee -high boots


The outfit combines everything I love! Leather, stripes and sweaters. Nothing better than to dress-up in a girly Cher inspired outfit to work without compromising the comfort and without suffering from the cold.


PS…another side note, as always, there will be someone in your surrounding hating on you. Anyway, point is, I got loads of nice comments on my outfit and a few bad ones and I sincerely couldn’t care less because I choose to dress for myself and not for others. What I am trying to say is, never dress to impress others, always do so for yourself and yourself alone. And If you are happy and confident with your outfit, then nothing else matters.


Until next time x












1 sweater…3 looks

It’s getting real cold outside and ain’t nothing better to keep you warm than a great sweater. I know that I’ve said it like 99 thousand times before, but sweater are the way to my heart. I love me a good cozy, warm, preferably soft, oversized sweater. I recently found this one at Winners and I couldn’t resist buying it because of the length and shape of it. The high low on this baby is super cute and helps when I decided to go legging style. I have been doing so much hot yoga lately…became super generous in the bottom junk department, sigh! Having this long is perfect to cover-up and still be stylish. It’s so perfect; I am wearing this to travel for the holidays.


Here are 3 ways I wore this baby:

Look #1

This look is sophisticated but modern, casual but dressy, comfortable but chic…The knee-high boots are totes it for me at the moment! I never had the guts to wear them this high; I always thought my muscle-y thighs were so huge and that wearing knee-high boots would only emphasize them. I sometimes feel like a soccer player…ugh! Anyway, nonetheless, I am happy that I got over this fear and started sporting them a lot more, because they make every look just oh-so-chic! I wore my sweater with my favorite distressed denims (only because my hubby got them for me) and I felt like a true Canadian; grazing away the weather in style.


This look is particularly perfect for travelers of for anyone looking for extra comfort. Since I am traveling soon, I will be wearing this on the plane. You look put together without trying too hard and without compromising the comfort. These Nike runners are like my life…I adore them…plus they make me look cool and like a workout junkie (except I am so not…I just do yoga 2 times a week).


Look #3

This perfect for the office, because you’re not compromising the professional from the office-wear. You get to dress proper but still maintain a certain level of comfort and warmth during the cold days. I know I say this a lot in most of my posts, but it’s so true! I love this look and these pants…every piece in my wardrobe has to be well loved, or else it doesn’t stay there. I prefer donating it rather than leaving it there to collect dust. Anyway, got these trousers like 2 years ago from Forever 21 and they’re the bomb! They make my little bum bum look yum yum. They fit perfect in all the right places. I wish I can find another pair because they’re starting to get worn-out. **so sad**

Su:m 37 Secret Essence.


I talked about Korean skincare in a previous post and how I also jumped on the k-beauty bandwagon to see what the hype was all about. So along with my other purchases, this was one I really looked forward to trying out because of how much hype it was getting.
It was compared to the SK-II facial treatment essence and I figured I could give it a go.
What is a treatment essence you say? Well, as an outsider looking in, I get overwhelmed because there are like a million steps in the k-beauty regimen. From eye serum, to lip serum, water essence, to leave in mask..and the list goes on. Asians are trained from a young age to take care of themselves and their skin in general as a preventative measure and I find that so inspiring and fascinating. That’s why most of the Asians I meet having amazing skin! To die for!
So, a treatment essence is the second moisturizing step in an Asian style routine after toning. They’re basically there to help your skin absorb moisture more to hydrate and plump it. When I first received the bottle, I was so impressed with the packaging, because I am a nerd like that! It feels luxurious in the hand. Unlike the SK-II essence, this one is a little more affordable and it is perfect to try it out as a “starter” to luxury brands.

This Su:m37 essence is filled with yeasts, beneficial bacteria and a larger number of beneficial plant ferments and extracts (it has over 80 fermented plants and vegetables extracts). The smell is wonderful, it smells so soothing and pleasant. It smells floraly and earthy. I quite enjoy it, but can see how others may not. This is a watery toner/essence. The texture is very much that of water, but a smudge more viscous. It’s also clear, and slightly yellow in appearance. It feels the skin super moisturized and happy. I like to use it at night right before my serums. I pat it in and leave it to dry completely and skin in before I go to my next step and sometimes, I find that this is enough for me and I go to bed.
I have been using this since the beginning of the November and I can see a difference in my skin. It feels more hydrated and more glowing in the morning. I use this in conjunction with my Youth to the People moisture cream. I still have loads of product left, because a little goes a long way. It costs 75.50$ USD for 100ml. So will I repurchase this? I would. But not anytime soon, because I have a few more products I am curious about to try out.
Till next time x

Party outfits

‘Tis party season again!!!  The best time of the year; you dress up, you eat, you hang with friends and make memories. Even though I technically do not celebrate Christmas, it’s a time I appreciate, because I see others happy and super festive. I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit as well. My friends and co-workers all celebrate, so that gives me reason to dress up fancy. I mean who doesn’t love a good sequin!!! I can do sequin all year round…but you know gotta keep it on the low low sometimes. So in the post, I would like to share with you 3 holiday outfits that could work for whatever event you are planning or going to.

I went for 2 fancy looks and 1 a little more on the fun side:


Look #1
The perfect cookie cutter

I love this look because it is all vintage! Well, minus the scarf and the heels. It’s super fancy and festive and you have all that jingles right there. The colors of this vest are so Christmasssy, it’s perfect! I found this beauty in a vintage warehouse in Toronto and I have it now listed on my Etsy shop…for those interested to buy it (of course I’ll be sad to let it go…but it needs a new home). I paired it with a vintage midi skirt and added a super cool gold Zara flower belt and red Zara heels. This is the epitome of mother Christmas!! It’s like the ugly sweater without the ugly! It’s 80s on a whole new level.


Vintage sequin jacket – vintage skirt – Zara heels – Zara belt.

Look #2
The modern rocker

This one is my absolute favorite for the pure fact that I am wearing sequin pants!!! SEQUIN pants! Like I get the shine and the oomph but I am still comfy and covered up from the cold. Plus this top! It’s so feminine and classy. The color combination too is a plus for me. Plus I added a pop of color on my ear with this beautiful blue H&M flower earring.


Topshop white blouse – Forever 21 sequin pants – Brown shiny heels – H&M earrings.

Look #3
The festive cracker ball

I gotta say this look is fab because of the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are all the rage now and you can get away wearing them for any occasion. I got this bad boy from Forever 21 and I love it! The back is super sexyyyy. Jumpsuits are like a touch of masculine in a sea of feminine and that’s how I like my outfits. I added a cute girly blouse with bell sleeves and turban-ed it up with my favorite Zara scarf. This scarf is so colorful and vivacious; it like literally sums me up.

Forever 21 jumpsuit – Shein top – Zara booties – Zara scarf – Forever 21 black choker – Vintage crystal choker – H&M earrings.

What I like about parties, in general, is the opportunity to play dress-up without judgment. I mean you can dress-up anytime, really, but parties are just so much more fun. Everything with a crowd is more fun (sometimes).

There are no rules in fashion, for me anyway, and if there are, screw ‘em and break ‘em. You do you x


I want to take the time to wish y’all the happiest of holidays…good times with family and friends and may the new year bring you all peace, peace and more peace, love and health!








K-beauty sheet masks

As you all know by now, I am a massive mask junkie. I love me a good detoxing/relaxing time with a good mask on. Whether it is a bubble bath or couch time with a good tea in my hand, I like to have a mask on because that’s how I feel super relaxed. I guess it’s a comfort thing. So, I went with my sissy 2 months ago to find a good burgundy lipstick at the mall and we were walking past The Face Shop. I was always intrigued by k-beauty and wanted to see what the hype was all about. So I plunged in there and got a few masks along with some face products.

I also started shopping a little online for some face products on and on

I want to share with you my thoughts and honest opinion about theses masks. However, I wanted to use them for quite some time before I spoke about them on my blog. I have been using them since October and I’m a little meh about some of them.


The Character masks were 5$ CAD each. But there was a promotion where you buy 4 and get 1 for free. I ended up getting 5. The cute part of these masks is the fact that they’re characters and they’re printed. So when you put them on, you get into character. It’s so Korean! It’s why I feel in love with them before using them even.I also got the Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack from Benton on the W2Beauty website. I bought the 10 pack one for 20$ USD. The packaging is not as cute as the other masks I purchased..but nonetheless I tried them and here are the verdicts:

Each mask has a different benefit; some were hydrating, some were moisturizing, some were brightening, etc..etc… Just like Sephora masks, these bad boys had something to offer. The hydrating ones were my favorite. For me, the character masks were much better in the sense that they offered me more hydration than the Benton one.

The character masks were more serum infused. When I got them out of the package…I still had loads of serum left in it, which meant I could keep the remaining product to use it more. The faces did what they promised to do, which is hydrate, brighten and moisturize. It says to keep it on for 15 minutes, but I always left it for 30 because of greed! Haha! Not even! Sometimes I left it for longer, because I would go on about my day and forget it was there. It never fell down. When I took the sheet off, my face always felt plump and super hydrated, which made it easier for me to apply my tinted SPF and not looks like a cracker.

The Benton masks on the other hand were not my favorite…and I have tried plenty, but these definitely did not make on the “to repurchase” list. First of all, it’s obviously super sticky, because there’s snail  secretion in there. I thought it wouldn’t bother me, oh! but it does. I could not stand how sticky it was on my face. The consistency bother me some much, that I never gave them a chance. Every time I would put one of these on my face, 5  mins in, I would remove it and throw it out. It was weird on the face, it was sticky but did not stick. I always felt the sheet rubbing around and I needed to stick it every 2 seconds because it came off. I know it sounds weird, but it was drying more that hydrating for me. I felt itchy and just did not like it at all. The serum that was left in there, I used, but still did nothing for me. Maybe it wasn’t a type of product that worked for me. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work for you out there. We’re all different and our skin is different. So what doesn’t work for me might work better for you and vice versa.

Final verdict, if you have sensitive skin like me (prone to breaking out when trying new products), I would recommend the Face Shop masks because you get your money’s worth. I did not like the Benton masks and I will not repurchase them anytime soon.


All the bells!

It’s that time (again) to dress up like a 70’s flower power child. What better way to start off the week! I’ve got my bells going and my colors win! I have worn these 2 pieces differently in previous posts and that’s what I love about fashion. The mixing and matching options are limitless. And no one says we can’t try different looks with pieces we’ve worn previously. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. It all comes down to creativity.

I get super hyped when I make different outfits with 1 specific piece I’m in love with. I feel humbled and I feel special for having the talent to mix and match everything. Also, this look in particular represents who I really am. A happy flower child. Whenever I find an item with bell sleeves, bells bottoms or bell anything, I get hyper active and agitated, in a good healthy way, I promise!

Today’s look is feminine is every possible sense of the world. It’s sexy, it’s fresh, it’s free-spirited and most importantly, it’s so 70s!

What I wore:
-Forever 21 sweater
-Zara bell bottom pants
-Zara leopard print booties



And again with these booties, I get so many compliments whenever I wear them. I bought them randomly on a trip to Zara. I was there returning an item, then I walked past these beauties. The only pair left. Then I couldn’t resist and bought them X) And I have been wearing them around way too much lately..and I don’t care (I’m getting my money’s worht, haha!). They’re just the prefect end to every outfit.


And here’s a close up to my wonderful Forever 21 bell sleeved sweater. I have a deep appreciation for sweater. If I could wear sweaters for the rest of my life, I would die happy.

I think the 50s and the 70s are my favorite eras because of the how pretty and feminine the cuts were. There was structure and complexity in the garments that brought sophistication and elegance to a woman’s figure.

That’s why I am always inspired to dress like a little gypsy queen!

The backpack edit!

I have been in search of the perfect backpack for my everyday life…and for my travels. I like using backpacks while traveling because they’re safer and comfortable but still  super stylish! I wanted to invest in the Michael Kors studded backpack but I wasn’t sure if I would use it often because extreme style. And the other styles at MK were a little too boxy for my taste. I didn’t want something too structured. I searched high and low until I came across this one (which unfortunately is no longer available online…but you can find a similar one here). I bought it beginning November when there was a 75% sale going and it was originally 458$ and I ended up paying 148$. That was a pretty good deal for me!


Why I chose Kate Spade? Because I love their products! I love how quality is always there. I love most the whimsical that goes into each product. I love the crisp colors, the graphic prints and the playful sophistication that is always present in each and every KS products.


So this Kate Spade Wilder backpack is huge and it makes me happy because it fits so damn much stuff. I know that black is a more suitable color and easy to mix and match with any outfit. However, I wanted to get something a little more special and found that the navy color would be perfect. It’s a neutral color and it works with everything I own.


The bag is made of pebble leather and it has double drawstrings and an envelope flap closure. There is also a magnetic snap. It offers safety and when you tighten and tie up the drawstring, you’re for sure secure till the end of time.

Like I said, the interior is roomy, so you can fit your kitchen sink if you want to! What I love about the interior is the lining! It’s pretty and fun! And inside the bag, there’s a big enough zipper compartment and 2 slide pockets.


If you’re looking to invest in a good leather backpack and don’t mind paying up, I totes think the Kate Sapde ones are worth it! But if you want something cheaper and still very cute, you will find some really adorable ones at Aldo and on the Asos website.