1 sweater…3 looks

It’s getting real cold outside and ain’t nothing better to keep you warm than a great sweater. I know that I’ve said it like 99 thousand times before, but sweater are the way to my heart. I love me a good cozy, warm, preferably soft, oversized sweater. I recently found this one at Winners and [...]

Party outfits

‘Tis party season again!!!  The best time of the year; you dress up, you eat, you hang with friends and make memories. Even though I technically do not celebrate Christmas, it’s a time I appreciate, because I see others happy and super festive. I absolutely love getting into the holiday spirit as well. My friends [...]

All the bells!

It's that time (again) to dress up like a 70's flower power child. What better way to start off the week! I've got my bells going and my colors going..win win! I have worn these 2 pieces differently in previous posts and that's what I love about fashion. The mixing and matching options are limitless. [...]

The backpack edit!

I have been in search of the perfect backpack for my everyday life...and for my travels. I like using backpacks while traveling because they're safer and comfortable but still  super stylish! I wanted to invest in the Michael Kors studded backpack but I wasn't sure if I would use it often because extreme style. And [...]