Channeling the 50s

The 50s has to be hands-down my favorite fashion era! The 50s were such good times; the fashion reflected a peculiar mix of conservatism and glamour. The fashion was fresh yet super feminine. I find the  conservative aspect of the 1950s, surprisingly, so elegant! The silhouette did women so much justice. The concept “less is more” is so correct in every sense of the word. It consisted of hourglass figure with a cinched-in waistline and accentuated hips and bust. The style was a decidedly mature one. Every Dior design from the 1950s was to die for! I would wear everything, ugh ❤ my heart! It was such an opulent and glamours area..EEEKKK!!!

So today I decided to channel my inner 50s spirit by adding my own touch. I have this beautiful brocade lurex thread pleated skirt in my closet and don’t wear it much because I love it. It’s such a precious piece and I am afraid to ruin it with my clumsy behavior. I had the balls to take out again today, for probably the third time, and wear it to the office. Since it was a little cold this morning, I didn’t have the guts to wear a delicate feminine blouse,. I instead decided to opt for a sweater that I tucked in the skirt. And I was pretty happy with the result, so here I am sharing with you my outfit for the day…



What I wore in details:

-C’est la Vie sweater from Ruche
-Brocade pleated skirt Pois
-Vince Camuto booties

I’ve always had a weak spot in my little heart for vintage, so any chance I get to integrate that into my daily looks, I get hyperactive!

Don’t mind if I do.

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