Mixing patterns without regret!

Okay, so there’s no real formula that you can use to make an outfit perfect. I sincerely get super angry when people tell me…but this doesn’t match! WHATT?? Who says things have to match? Things just have to go, they have to compliment each other and have to help each other stand out on their own and together. No rule out there says that you have to wear everything beige and everything black…I mean you can if you want. However, if you decide to want to make patterns and colors, then by all means do it! You do not owe anyone anything, especially when it comes to fashion. I always tell those who ask me my fashion advice to always dress for themselves first. Once that is covered, then who cares about what others think? People will always have something to say, despite what outfit you  have on! So what the hell, screw that and you do you!

This is exactly what I did today! I wore wanted I wanted because I just wanted to. And also because my original outfit was a fail…damn static :s I so wanted my inner Carrie Bradshaw out. Her fierce sense of style and love for mixing patterns, textures and prints are just on point! I have always loved to take risks with my outfits…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Today, however, I was super proud of my outfit and it super made me happy. I felt feminine, stylish and super myself. It was a total risk but from the comments I received..I guess it was a success.

Here’s the result:




What I wore in details:

-Kate Spade sunglasses
-Thrifted black cardigan
-Thrifted leopard print shirt
-Sioni red/black skirt
-Nine West leather boots



Just like Carrie, I am a true believer than we are each entitled to express ourselves through fashion, through style and through clothes. This is the only world where we are truly ourselves without boundaries; the only world we can break all the rules and make our own!




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