The fuzzy sweater edit

It’s sweater weather and what perfect way to wear your favorite fuzzy baby out for a stroll. There are 3 things in life that make me swoon…fries, sweaters and shoes or maybe cats…but they’re both up there…okay okay…let’s make that 4 things. Anyway, you have me at any of those things mentioned above. I love sweaters, I can be in them all year round (if I could…given the temperature). So, this sweater holds a very special place in my heart. Why you say…well, for the pure fact that it’s so freaking soft and so freaking warm and so freaking stylish. You can totes dress this little baby up or down and make it your own by adding your own touch and twist.


This fuzzy sweater cost me like 10$ from Wal-mart; which I had purchased ages ago but never had a chance to photograph it an give its memento until now. So this how I wore my aubergine sweater out to work.


I decided to wear it with my Zara culottes, Vince Camuto booties and Kate Spade backpack. To tie the whole look together, I added my favorite colorful headscarf that recalls all these color into one.



What I wore in details:
-Colorful scarf from Turkey
-Wal-mart aubergine fuzzy sweater
-Zara culottes
-Vince Camuto booties
-Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses
-Kate Spade backpack


What are your favorites things in life that just get you? Share them below in a comment!

Cheers x




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