Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

As a designer and vintage curator, I had the wonderful chance to participate in loads of events, from fashion shows to pop up shops to charity events…but nothing was as awesome as the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show! This event (happened on November 6th) gave me some much thrill to keep digging, searching and learning about love it, cherish it and share it with the world. I met some many wonderful people and avid vintage lovers. Everyone that came to that event had a wonderful impact on me: the stories they shared, the positive comments they made and the touching welcoming hugs. Anyone who loves vintage out there has to visit this show, because there are loads of participants and endless racks of clothes from every possible era. Each and every piece has a story to tell. That’s why I love vintage! I feel like every piece counts and every piece is meaningful and every piece impacts history.

I was fortunate enough to be a vendor and a buyer and learn about vintage through a different perspective. The vendor next to me where the most beautiful and lovely ladies. Beautiful German women who made me feel completely at ease. They were so warm! They were kind enough to share their stories with me and have me relive it with them. You truly do not know someone unless you have the chance to get a piece of their mind.


I also met Joa Gamelin (above). The most eccentric and vivacious woman I have ever met. She’s power, she’s fierce, she’s freaking amazing and super inspiring. She shared with me her love for fashion and vintage and her disappointments in the loss of the pure craft of sewing. We both took a moment to appreciate the pieces that were displayed before us and shared our passion for sewing and making special unique pieces to wear. Unfortunately, sewing and creating is a dying craft in Canada…since everything is imported from China or Bangladesh. You will rarely find a true artist/designer that makes every single piece by hand.

I took the time during the show to visit other booths and some pieces were to die for!!! Jewels, shoes, clothes, accessories..ugh!! It was beautiful. This show was a success for me in every aspect because I came back home enriched with history and more passion for vintage. I have been blessed to be part of this event and I hope to be able to be part of it for many more years to come!


A special thanks to the Ottawa Clothing Show team for being so on point, so helpful and so welcoming. You made this experience 10 times more fun for me and I will for sure be seeing you again soon!


Cheers xx

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