What girls do on Saturdays…

I have been extremely busy with life lately and failed on multiple occasions to post anything. But right now, I feel more inspired and free to share with you some of my outfits recently, including this particular one because it makes me feel extra grirly, fabulous and special. I was out and about this weekend with my bestie sissy to a girls’ party. Food, music, and good times!

I know this was a Saturday outfit…but I only got the chance to sit down now and share it with you all.  I was really inspired to look like a bohemian queen, which kinda bring a little vintage into my life. The dress was a random purchase on eBay…A girl was clearing out her closet and I found this beautiful embroidered number for about 20$ and without hesitation adopted it.


So without further ado, here’s the look:


This outing gave me the opportunity to take my favorite clutch out. I bought it in the summer from an antique shop in Jerusalem. The seller was super wonderful and gave me a huge discount. I am sooooo in love with it. Like SOOO in love with it. It’s metal and sturdy and the workmanship makes gives it such specialness and uniqueness.img_1330

Then I finished off the look with a turban head wrap. I don’t do those often, but I felt like it this time around and it turned out perfect for this particular look. The dress, the bag and the turban were just the perfect amount of boho-vintage-chic.

Also, can we all just take the time to admire these shoes!! They’re super awesome!! And so comfy 🙂


It was finally nice to just take the time to meet up with friends to party and dance like no one is watching. We all need those moments once in a while. I think we all deserve to be free-spirited and unafraid of the world around us. We all need that moment to just BE!

So enough blabbing, I will end this post here and wish you all a wonderful week x



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