This is my second ever Tarte purchase. I used their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara for a little while until I switched to my favorite Marc Jacobs one. It was a really nice mascara, I’m think to go back to it for a little while... Anyway, I decided to invest in one of their blushes (it’s like 35$ [...]

Channeling the 50s

The 50s has to be hands-down my favorite fashion era! The 50s were such good times; the fashion reflected a peculiar mix of conservatism and glamour. The fashion was fresh yet super feminine. I find the  conservative aspect of the 1950s, surprisingly, so elegant! The silhouette did women so much justice. The concept "less is [...]

Youth to the people <3

As y'all know by's winter out there :p DAH! And it's that dreaded time again of dry dry parched skin. Hello fish scaley skin...goodbye beautiful glow. Wah wah! But wait, you don't need to suffer if you find the perfect moisturizer to salvage your skin from its unruly behavior. I was searching for weeks [...]