Shades of pink

The weather is weird in Montreal lately…sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold…sometimes it’s meh! So anyway, I don’t even know what to wear anymore because the weather is up and down. It feels like fall-ish…the transition period is taking forever to get over.  Ok, I am done with my weather rant. I usually never rant about the weather because I love it in very possible way. But my favorite season is fall and it doesn’t feel like fall yet! But then I decided to wear fall colors in a summery kinda way….and this was my outfit for the day; perfect for the office or for a dinner.

So I wanted to wear a patterned outfit but in a fall kind of way. What better than these green/brown Zara pants?!! I bought them last year and wore them a couple of time. They’re trousers, so I don’t reach for them much, just because I’m always a denim kinda girl. I like it simple and crisp! But sometimes, I like to dress fancy and this outfit is on that side of the spectrum. So I paired them with a light pink chiffon shirt I bought this summer from my Jordan travels from a local shop. It was the last one on the mannequin and I decided…Yes! I need a pink shirt, because I really wear pink.  What cool about it is that there are sequin inserts on the sleeves for a chic look. You can super dress this shirt up or down and that’s why I decided to invest in it.

To end my outfit and bring everything together, I wore my velvet burgundy heels which I wore to my engagement/wedding. They’re so comfortable and super stylish…especially with the gold rim, it adds an oomph to every outfit!


So that was it for my #ootd! Let me know what you guys think in a comments below!

Cheers x

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