Castor Oil

I remember my momma giving me castor oil to help ease my little constipation when I was a wee child. And I also remember how gross it was having the feeling of oil coat your throat…ugh! I’m scarred for life…just thinking about that makes me want to gag. So yeah, maybe I had a bad experience when I was a kid, but that doesn’t stop me from using Castor oil now. I, in fact, use it to detox once a year…yes, I drink it! Castor oil and hot water make an amazing stomach cleansing supplement. This hepls remove harmful bacteria from the gut and stomach. The harmful bacteria is replaced with health-friendly bacteria that ease digestion and reduce acidity and bloating. I get the organic one from the health shop and you can consume it as long as you make sure it’s food-grade.This little potent oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


This oil is not only used as a laxative and system booster, it is also used in various cosmetics, soaps, textiles, massage oils, and even medicines. Castor oil has loads of benefits for your skin, hair, and health. I have been using this for a month now, once a week as a mask for my hair before I shower and let me tell you that the results have been amazing. My hair is freaking silky smooth and super healthy. It is no longer dry and parched! I have been using it on my lashes and brows as well. It helps the hair grow and become healthy.

Castor oil is also amazing when it comes to healing skin inflammation that can be caused by sunburns, acne, and dry skin. When applied to the skin, the oil penetrates deeply and stimulates the production of collagen. This, in turn, helps soften and hydrate the skin. It also helps in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin becomes smoother, softer, and younger. You can also treat the fine lines around the eye area by applying the oil on the area and massaging it in slowly.

The  benefits of Castor oil are huge and I could keep going for hours about how amazing it has been for me. You can treat scars, reduce pigmentation, hydrate your skin, reduce scarring and the list goes on….You just need to make sure it’s a good quality cold pressed oil and you’re in it to win it.

Try it out and you won’t regret it. But obviously make sure you’re not allergic by doing a small test.

Hope you found this post informative…


Until next time xx

The vintage suit edit!

So this outfit has got me feeling so #girlboss in the best way possible because it features my favorite 80s vintage suit from Tristan & Iseut. This suit is bomb! I am so in love with the fit..the high waist pants, the long and fitted blazer, the perfect details in the seams and stitches…the while thing! This is a super versatile piece to own. It’s a definite staple! You can mix and match loads of items in your wardrobe to make endless outfit possibilities.

I couldn’t help but pose like a freak! Haha!! But honestly, this gives me a Je ne sais quoi and I feel invincible in this number. I wanted to wear this suit but not feel too too stuffy and I figured, why not make it my own and sport it out. Well that’s what I did. I wore my suit 90s Craig David style with my Adidas runners. So pimp it out, I added my coolest Snoop Doggy Dogg Muscle Tee. Then I brought it all together by adding a super colorful head scarf.


What I love about suit is that you can decompose it and compose it (if that can be said…) to whatever style you are aiming for. You can make it masculine, feminine, sporty, chic…you can dress it up or down. You can wear it to the office or to any outing. Just freaking make it your own.


♦ ♦ ♦
What I wore in details:
-80s Tristan & Iseut suit
-Adidas runners
-Forever 21 Snoop Dogg muscle tee
-Caterpillar watch

♦ ♦ ♦

What do you guys think of this look…how would you style a vintage suit? Let me know below!

Until next time peeps,

Be it, own it, live it, breathe it!!!! Cheers xxx

What we do on weekends…

Food is always a good way to share happy memories with friends and family. It’s basically one of the only times where you sit in groups and enjoy each other’s company without rules, boundaries or limitations. Food is a social activity and so we humans take this time to share our ideas and thoughts about life and share our points of views about the things we love. My friends and I are always on the hunt to trying new food and to be quiet honest..sometimes we’re amazed by how awesome the food is and sometimes we’re just meh…not too impressed. We decided that this weekend we would try Russian food. I was a little scared because I did not know what to expect, but luckily it turned out pretty good.

We went to a little restaurant called La Caverne on Côte-des-Neiges in Montréal. A homey Russian restaurant with the cutest decor. It’s small and very humble…perfect for intimate dinners. The place was filled with people and there was a live band, well a couple singing in Russian and sometimes English music. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable and cozy, it almost felt like being home.

I had Borscht soup and Chicken Kiev. The Chicken Kiev was super good. It was well cooked and super tender. The potatoes were so well seasoned and the salad sauce was super delicious. Unfortunately, we ate some much there was no room for dessert. But if you’re looking to experience Russian food for the first time and you’re in the Montreal region, I suggest you try La Caverne. It’s worth it…and the prices aren’t bad!

So I can’t just talk about food…I want to also share what I wore for this night out in town…it was rainy and a little coldish…we style wasn’t gonna be compromised by that! Not with me here’s what I wore:



∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

What I wore:

-Topshop striped shirt with side slits.
-Forever 21 stressed denim.
-Zara leopard booties.
-Antique necklace from Jerusalem.

∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇ ∇

If you guys are looking to eat super hearty food..then this restaurant will be it for you. You’ll for sure enjoy the cozy feeling of the place and the staff will make you feel right at home.

Till next time x

New vintage items in store!!!

Hola compadres! So I’ve been gathering some new (vintage) items here and there and finally sat down this weekend to post them and they’re selling already!!! EEEEE 🙂

So go check them out, you might find something interesting (60s to 90s) for everyday wear or even Halloween or Christmas..loads of cool finds and special pieces..and don’t forget that every sale I make, a percentage of it goes to random acts of kindness. You dear customers help me help others!

Thank you all for the continuous supports and here’s the link to my store:




PS: I will be in Ottawa at the OTTAWA VINTAGE CLOTHING SHOW on November 6th. If you’re in that reagion, stop by and say hey..we’ll have loads of cool items up for sale.

Happy Sunday x

Mixing patterns fashionably

Out of all my sense, touch is the strongest one. Textures, patterns and the whole shebang! I love touching different surfaces; exploring, learning, investigating and admiring. Perhaps, this is the reason why I ended up being a designer. I could live and die in a fabric store. I would go up every isle, feel every kind of fabric with passion. I could not imagine doing anything else. Being in fashion feels right like home. I always say that it’s a beautiful yet cruel world. There’s always room for freaks like me to express themselves through clothes, creativity and inventiveness.  All that to say…my outfit today was a mix of patterns and textures. That’s how I love my outfits to be; fierce, happy, interesting, deep and full of contrast.  Here’s the result to today’s outfit:

I wore my favorite striped shirt I bought 2 years ago from my trip to the Middle East. I love it because it’s sexy in a very sleek way. It’s boxy and it’s masculine but in a very feminine way. I don’t know if y’all get me!! But seriously this shirt can be worn in some many different ways. You can make it look romantic, you can make it look feminine, you can make it look preppy, you can make it look masculine…the possibilities are endless! So I paired my shirt with a pencil skirt I bought in a warehouse sale a while ago. It’s a European brand skirt and it ended up costing me a whole 5$!!! It’s sincerely comfortable and amazing in color and texture. It’s ribbed in a soft way. I added a vintage necklace I had in my collection and then ended the whole outfit with my favorite Jessica Simpson clog sandals.


This is a look I would definitely wear to work or a date or a girls’ night out. It’s pretty comfortable despite it looking a little uptight (so far away from that in real life!).

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

What I wore in details:

-Thrifted lined shirt I bought from Jordan
-Miss Me pencil skirt
-Jessica Simpson clog sandals
-Vinatge necklace

On my face:

-Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara
-Random eyeliner I bought from Morocco
-Kat Von D lipstick in Cathedral
-Clarins UV 50 Sunscreen Multi-Protection

♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣

What do you guys think of this look? Let me know in a comment below…

Cheers x

Shades of pink

The weather is weird in Montreal lately…sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold…sometimes it’s meh! So anyway, I don’t even know what to wear anymore because the weather is up and down. It feels like fall-ish…the transition period is taking forever to get over.  Ok, I am done with my weather rant. I usually never rant about the weather because I love it in very possible way. But my favorite season is fall and it doesn’t feel like fall yet! But then I decided to wear fall colors in a summery kinda way….and this was my outfit for the day; perfect for the office or for a dinner.

So I wanted to wear a patterned outfit but in a fall kind of way. What better than these green/brown Zara pants?!! I bought them last year and wore them a couple of time. They’re trousers, so I don’t reach for them much, just because I’m always a denim kinda girl. I like it simple and crisp! But sometimes, I like to dress fancy and this outfit is on that side of the spectrum. So I paired them with a light pink chiffon shirt I bought this summer from my Jordan travels from a local shop. It was the last one on the mannequin and I decided…Yes! I need a pink shirt, because I really wear pink.  What cool about it is that there are sequin inserts on the sleeves for a chic look. You can super dress this shirt up or down and that’s why I decided to invest in it.

To end my outfit and bring everything together, I wore my velvet burgundy heels which I wore to my engagement/wedding. They’re so comfortable and super stylish…especially with the gold rim, it adds an oomph to every outfit!


So that was it for my #ootd! Let me know what you guys think in a comments below!

Cheers x



I cannot explain to you how excited I was to see this in the Pharmaprix beauty aisle. I died and went to makeup wipe heaven. I have been using the Yes to Cucumbers wipe for a little while and I like them. They help me in easily removing my makeup without drying out my skin.  However, they are a little too thin and they dissolve easily…I guess that’s the biodegradable aspect of it.

But when I found this baby! AHH, I was excited, literally! Not only because they’re charcoal based but because they’re black! They’re BLACK!! EEE!!! I know I’m a little way too excited, but they’re amazing. The Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes run for about 6-7$ at the pharmacy. So far, the coolest and best wipes I have used so far…better than the Simple wipes and Klorane wipes I have used previously. These black wipes sincerely remove my eye makeup with 1 swipe, I don’t even have to suffer or tug at my skin. They’re infused with extracts that work to care for problematic skin. The charcoal in the wipes helps to rid the complexion of impurities as well as stubborn makeup and dirt. It leaves the skin looking and feeling completely refreshed…Also, tomatoes are a natural soothing antioxidant, so they help maintaining the skin healthy and fresh.



What I love about this brand is that it really focuses on making your skin great by using mostly natural and affordable beauty products. They use fruit and veggie formulas in an innovative way with the guarantee of having outstanding results. They focus on methods to nourishing the skin and hair in the healthiest way possible. All ingredients are at least 95% natural, free from parabens, SLS and phthalates ANDDDD they’re cruelty free.


Have you tried them? Do you like them? Let me know!!


Cheers x