September Fashion Favorites

This is a first favorites post for me and since I haven’t done one of these before, I feel quite thrilled to share it with you guys. I will not have a long long list of endless favorites items. I just wanted to share my top 5 favorite fashion items of this month. Items I have been loving to death and have been wearing endlessly. Without making this intro too too are the 5 items I couldn’t live without for the month of September.

1) My huge ass heavy necklace from my recent trip to Palestine:


This is one heavy baby!!! I couldn’t for the life of me keep it on all day. It’s beautiful but fantastically heavy. I bought this baby in a recent trip to Jerusalem while shopping some antiques shops.  It’s a great accessory because it helps finish any outfit to perfection. It adds a Je ne sais quoi to any outfit and make something simple seem so exquisite. It’s unique, it’s special and it’s super poetic in a visually artistic kinda way.  If you’re looking for something similar and along those line, you can find it here.

2) My favorite favorite marsala colored light knit dress:


I cannnnnottt ever stop wanting to wear this dress. I got it on a whim thinking it would be a great transitional piece from summer to fall, because of the color and because it’s light. I was scared that this color in particular would made me look like a great ole’ pumpkin, but seriously though, this is the most beautiful dress I own. I found it in Winners for about 24$. The fit, the comfort, the length, the color…everything about it is perfection. It’s stylish and so me on so many levels. You can find something similar to this here.

3) My ultimate favorite flat oxfords.

I have has these bad boys for about 2 years now and they’re still going strong. I find that these shoes offer timeless style. They’re perfect in every way possible. They’re cut out oxfords from Charles & Keith. I had bought these when I was on vacation in the Middle East and they were discounted for about 60$. I bought them knowing I would keep them for a long time because they sincerely offer fashion and style. They’re definitely a statement piece but in a good way (they’re not too out there). They’re comfortable and they can be worn with dresses, jeans, name it! With and without socks and stocking. I wore them almost daily this month and they still look brand new! (I’m pretty sure y’all noticed them in my blogs X) If you’re looking for similar oxfords, then you’ll find your match right here.

4) My Coach clutch/mini bag.


A recent new addition to my wardrobe. I got this with a gift card I receive for my birthday and I so do not regret splurging on it. This is the perfect size clutch bag. It offers style, space and versatility. The color is super unique and the design is damn awesome. It’s subtle not to so much that it’s muted. I wear this bag with anything and everything. It’s pricey but well worth the money, really! Coach always has cool little things here and there and I took a chance getting this one and I do not regret it 🙂 You can look at more of its details on their website.

5) Last but not least my favorite ring ever!


Okay so I bought this ring when I participated in an even recently and this cute little designer was exposing her work. I when to her kiosk. She’s talented and if I could have bought all her pieces, I totes would have!!! Like no joke! Everything she had on the table was to die for. Her pieces are well worked and invested in. You can super see that she loves what she does and has a huge passion for it. I got this ring for 85$ CAD and she was nice enough to give a 10% discount. I love the color contrast between the materials. The copper and the sterling silver is a perfect combination. Her pieces are minimalist yet very geometric, which I absolutely adore!!!! I haven’t taken this ring off since I got it. You should check out her work right here and maybe you’ll get a little something for yourself.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please feel free to let me know what your fashion favorites have been this month in a little comments below.

Until next time xx

OH!! PS: here’s an extra picture to show you all of my pieces at work 🙂 (Check my previous post for more details on my outfit).






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