Marsala queen…

This dress caught my eye the minute I saw it on the rack. The usual color was super attractive. I never go for Marsala because I feel like maybe sometimes it doesn’t suit me (for some weird reason). But when I tried it on, I just fell in love with the richness of the color. It reminds me of earth’s sophisticated roots. Also, the cut! It’s so Romy & Michele! Anyway, This is how I decided to style my dress and I hope you like this look, because I do ❤


To complete my look, I wore the heaviest necklace I own. I bought this baby when I went shopping in Jerusalem in a small antique shop. It’s beautiful but so omg heavy!!! I literally hurts the neck after wearing it for a long time. (I couldn’t last the day and ended up taking it off ^^).

I also wore my new adorable Coach purse, which is not only super sweet but super versatile and spacious for its small size. To be able to last the whole day, I wore my favorite Charles & Keith pointed oxfords for a preppy look.


What I wore: 
-Pink Rose marsala colored a-line knit dress.
-Coach burgundy small purse.
-Charles & Keith oxfords.
-Aldo sunglasses.

I love this dress so much, I will try to get my hands on different colors.

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