The nude edit!

I’ve been feeling the nude lip for a while now and so far my favorite go to lippie product is Mac’s Faux. It’s a cream finish lipstick that keeps your lips hydrate throughout the day. This muted mauvey pinky color is perfect for everyday use. I sometimes wear it with a little bit of lip gloss over it. It costs 21$ CAD and it truly lasts ages. I uses this on a daily basis and I still have loads left in the tube.


This lip stick makes me feel extra girly and this is how I decided to dress up today:

This is cutest shirt I own!!! I love it and I wish I would own it in 99 different colors. Not only does it make me feel girly and pretty, but it makes me feel like a million dollars. I got this a little while ago from Topshop and what I fell in love with was the back slit and the pleating. The back design adds a Je ne sais quoi to it. The price is a little steep for a simple shirt but because I knew I loved it, I couldn’t resit paying the 80$. I was going to return it and left it in my closet for a while before finally deciding that I was going to keep it. I know that I will get a lot of wear out of it. The design is so unique that it convinced me to keep it.

This is what I paired the lipstick and the  Topshop shirt with:

-Red Zara pants I have had for ages.
-Jessica Simpson clog sandals.
-Aldo sunglasses.
-Coach bag.

If you’re into nude lipstick at the moment; which one is your favorite…share it with me in a comment below.

Cheers x


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