The scent that caught my heart <3

I cannot stop sniffing on my new perfume…a friend of mine (so generous of her) got me a Sephora gift card and well since it was my birthday, I got myself a new perfume, knowing that I really need one (not!) This is beyond yummy. It’s totally delicious and sensual and overall sexy.


The Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon is a blend of vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and a hint of tuberose. These notes are quite bold and oriental. It’s has a special woody scent that is intoxicating in a provocative sexy way. What I love about this perfume is that is has the duality of feminine sophistication and masculine edge. IT’s sincerely one of my favorite perfume at the moment. It’s strong but not too strong that suffocates you. You can smell it all day because it’s one rich mofo. It’s an unpredictable scent with a punch.

I am also not gonna lie that I am a total sucker for the bottle…the unexpected amber toned bottle is beautiful (ahhh!!!) I don’t know why, but this bottle makes me melt. It’s like a timeless architectural building. So fancy! The price is obviously on the high-end side but I say if you want to smell good, you gotta pay up. I bought the 1.0 OZ bottle for 82$ CAD and my pocket was hurt at first…but since it was my birthday, I figured, why not?!

If you’re looking for a sexy, sultry, provocative perfume..then this is your match. I could keep going on for ages about how incredible this perfume is..but I’ll leave up to you guys to go try it out at Sephora…y’all won’t regret it.

Have any of you tried it? Or have found the one perfume you cannot live without? Let me know in a comment down below!

Cheers x


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