The Mr. Clean of cleansers in beauty…

Want squeaky clean brushed and beauty blenders…then this is exactly what you are looking for!! The Liquid Blendercleanser by Beautyblender. It’s efficient, it’s safe on your brushes as well as your beaut blenders.


This baby runs for 25$ CAD and it lasts forever unless you abuse whilst using it. Before I discovered this, I would always wash my brushes with Dawn dish soap….it was good but nothing close to the beautyblender liquid soap. When I discovered this, I so had an AHHHH moment and I was so excited to get my brushes dirty just so I get to use it.


This cleanser removes excess residue and germs from your makeup brushed without harming the bristles for a clean makeup application. And what’s awesome about this product is that it is soy-based which means that the formula breaks down rapidly making it earth-friendly. Yay! I am not particularly fond of the smell…but who cares, because it doesn’t linger.

This monster passionately cleans every little gunk on your beauty blender. The results are mind boggling! It’s so worth the price and it does what it promises to do. Y’all need this in your lives.

Have you guys tried other products the work for you? Please share ’em with me in a comment down below!

Cheers x

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