Vacation time…

So this is my little farewell I am going on vacation for a couple of weeks to visit Palestine again..can't help it! Totes fell on love there and fell in love with everything I saw...the people, the scents, the ambiance. It's so relaxing despite what we see on TV. I won't deny I was [...]

My summer scent

I adore every perfume Atelier Cologne put out, they all have a je ne sais quoi! They're rich scents that last for days. They're super decadent, opulent and every kind of luxurious out there...sadly they're pricey and this is why I just like to smell them from far...well until I gave in 2 years ago [...]

Arabian Gypsy

This yellow skirt is the focal point of this outfit. I am not usually a yellow kinda girl because I find it makes me look weird. I much prefer mustard because it suits my skin tone better. Yellow is a little too bold and a little too out there, it's like wearing neon orange, it [...]

My go-to masks…

I've got about 99 masks I use, but 2 of my favorites are then ones I will talk about below. They don't hurt my eczema-prone skin. Of course, I have always patch test with loads of products, since I sometimes ended up with burns..not fun when you have an event the next day this happens. [...]