Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

These lipsticks have been out for a while, I’m pretty sure, but I only noticed them 2 weeks ago while passing the Burt’s Bees counter at the pharmacy. I usually love love love the Burt’s Bees Peppermint lip balm and knowing they made lipstick made me happy. So I initially purchased the color Lily Lake and fell in love with the formula and the color. So I went back and got 2 more colors.


Burt’s Bees is a great company that makes an effort to operate green, be sustainable and produce with the goodness of nature without harming it. They invest in the source of their products; the bees. Burt’s Bees have foundations to ensure the safety of the honeybees and they uphold to their responsibility and promise. Also, the products are cruelty free and nothing is tested on animals.


Now back to the product, these lipsticks are described as follows:

Intense colour meets conditioning 8-hour moisture. Full-coverage, vibrant colour in 14 shades made with 100% naturally moisturizing ingredients like moringa and raspberry seed oils to help soften and condition your lips all day long.

Everything mentioned in the description is super true. It’s very hydrating, super pigmented, and lasts a long time. The colors are versatile and when I mean versatile, I mean versatile. I liked the consistency so much; I wear it as a blusher as well. In the summer, who wants to wear heavy makeup? So, the fact that they’re natural products, that’s even better. So good news for sensitive skin sufferers!!!  They have excellent ingredients such as beeswax, moringa Oil, raspberry seed oil, and vitamin E. It’s smooth to application with a satin finish.

Lily Lake is a beautiful mauvey pink color that is like my lips but with a little bit of oomph. So I can wear this day in day out and I don’t have to worry about it wearing out…because the color is close to my natural lips.

They run for 9.99$ CAD and the selection is great. If you are looking for something light and skin friendly then this is a great option and for the price, the product is great. The packaging is cute AND it’s made out of recyclable materials. So another bonus! You can find them at the drugstore or you can buy them online.



I am wearing SunSet Cruise as a lipstick and a blusher. Sorry for the frown, it was super sunny out :s

Have any of you tried them in other colors? If yes, then how do you like them?

That’s it for now! Until next time,

Cheers xx

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