Ready, set, style!




I felt like getting into my summer vacation and sport a boho-chic style. I purchased these pants from a local vendor in Jordan last summer and they were dirt cheap. They’re so comfy and airy, it’s unreal! I am so in love with the pattern and the colors. The mix of orange and blue…just pretty! I will definitely and shamelessly wear them tons this summer. I feel like with these pants, I can easily style them in many different ways because of the style and the print. I can even dress them up or down depending on the accessories used. I really truly love styling; I find it so liberating and exciting all at once. What’s even more exciting is when you use vintage to style with. There’s a certain satisfaction I get knowing I took an unwanted piece and I gave it life…Knowing I was able to take something old and make it ‘‘new’’ all over again is success in itself. Vintage clothing is an easy way for you to do your part on being green, reducing waste and helping keep our planet healthy. Besides, you can find some many unique pieces, it’s ridiculously awesome!!!

Anyway, getting back to the outfit, I styled my favorite pants with a simple black top and a 80s vintage vest. I brought the outfit all together by wearing an orange veil. I could sport this look loads. It’s simple but happy. Generally, colors make me super super happy. I do love the occasional black…but colors, ehhh, they just do it for me.

So hope you enjoyed this look. Remember to always dress nice, be yourself, follow your dreams, conquer the world and be kind to nature and your fellow citizens!!!

Until next time!


Cheers xo

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