The Sunday Riley Good Genes secret

I will never give up on my Skinceuticals serums just because they make my skin happy. They’re hydrating, they’re gentle and they’re just overall wonderfully potent serums that I will keep using forever. But as I was done with my Pholertin CF Antioxidant Treatment, I was in search of something else as a switch so my skin doesn’t get to used to it and lazy out. So I have heard about the Sunday Riley range and these are definitely cult products. I had tried the Luna Oil a while ago but I didn’t like it much, I felt like it broke me out, but I guess I wasn’t fair as I tried it for like 3 days.

So after reading loads of reviews and watching a ton of Youtube videos, I decided to take a risk and purchase the Good Genes Treatment. OMG!! Best purchase ever! This little baby is super super pricey but it sincerely holds up to its claims. And what’s even more amazing is that the product is cruelty free. YAY!!!



This potent little magic cream contains ingredients such as lemongrass oil, licorice root extract, prickly pear extracts, lactic acid and more. I use it at night most of the time because I have a simple hydrating cream for the AM.

On the bottle it says that it can be used as a mask as well, which requires you to use a thicker amount, leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off…which is a complete and total waste of the product. I just use it as a night moisturizer.

I saw results almost immediately — especially in the morning. I’d wake up to baby-soft skin and glowing at that!!! AHHH, like seriously glowing. I have been using it for a month now and I still have product in the bottle. My skin is radiant, even, toned, youthful and beautiful. I can go out of the house without concealer or foundation on my face (which I don’t even use to start with). This baby is now part of my skincare routine and I think it’s a total keeper.

The only downside to this? Sunday Riley’s products aren’t exactly the cheapest on the market (147$ CAD at But they are so potent and you’re getting your buck’s worth. They have a cult following for a reason: and that’s because they actually work. And if good skin care is something you’re willing to invest in, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me, you see instant results (like next morning after one use instant).

I guess that makes me part of the cult now, go check more reviews and see for yourself on the Sephora website.

Until next time!!

Cheers xo

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