Multiculturalism, Feminism, Girl Power and Freedom of Speech

This post is going to be a little of a random post but anyway I have no idea how I came across this blog, literally none! However, I am so glad I did. This girl is powerful, wonderful, expressive and just plain awesome. She’s a feminist, an activist, a fashion lover. She writes about heavy issues that matter, such as political view, racism, Islamophobia, and some light hearted one such as fashion and photography. Hoda Katebi is truly inspirations because she has the balls to speak about issues many people are afraid to address. I usually don’t spend so much time reading blogs (simply because I work too much and there aren’t enough hours in a day), but when I came across her blog, I sat there for 3 hours straight reading up her work. She’s a gem and she’s adorable.

*Photo via her website*

I feel like I know her, I guess maybe because we somewhat share the same ideas. Being Middle Eastern and growing up in Canada is a little difficult at time; simply for the pure fact that we’re talking about two entirely different cultures. You have so much struggles trying to figure out where you fit in and what you should say or do. Sometimes, I believe that this was meant for me because I am strong. Because I know how to take the positive from each side and use it for goodness (at least I hope I am). I always say the road to evil is easy and we can fall into that if we don’t work on ourselves and find ways to stay positive and inspiring. I believe that people like Hoda and I have the opportunity to open other people’s eyes to the realities that occur in our own countries. We are often misjudged, don’t get me wrong here, a lot of people are misjudged. But it is our job as humans to educate ourselves about our fellow brothers and sisters of the world. We are, at the end, the same. I believe our lives are more interesting because we all have our own stories to share and tell.

I am a proud Palestinian, born in Saudi Arabia, who grew up in Canada. I am African in my heart and American in my thoughts. I love Chinese food, die for Socca music, I speak Italian and Spanish, drool over the German soccer team, admire the Chinese for their work ethic and love to discover about other’s heritage and cultures. This is how I was raised by my mother, to always be kind to others..even though it’s hard at times.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Hoda has more guts than me and a lot of people I know for standing up for what she believes in and it’s truly something. Here’s a huge massive shout out to her and her blog and if you want to check it out…here’s the link:

Multiculturalism is a beautiful aspect of our existence and we should take advantage of that to learn, explore, grow, and be free. Freedom comes from the cleanliness of our minds and this is something I believe in.

I am so ecstatic I found Hoda because she’s one to watch and I suggest you take a moment to read her work. And also, obviously, the girl’s got style!!! If you check her photos, you’ll find them quite colorful and fun. I’m totes girl crushing here..but who cares?!


Until next time!


Cheers xo





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