3 ways to wear the iconic Originals Stan Smith

I grew up wearing Adidas originals for the longest time, although I didn’t have the  white/green Adidas originals, I remember having the classic black & white 3 stripe Superstar Originals and I wore them with everything…it was inexplicable love and I wore them to death…like literally…they died on my feet. So I decided to repurchase them a few months ago and it’s rekindled love. I invested in designing my own Originals Stan Smith on the Adidas website and since I received them, I am wearing them pretty much all the time. If you decide to design your own style, obviously you’ll pay more.


Since I know I will wear them a lot, I was willing to invest in them and ended up paying close to 200$ CAD. These trainers go pretty much with anything and everything..from pants, to jeans to skirts….like anything!!! Depends on how you choose to style them really…what I love about fashion, is that there are no rules to follow, you just pretty much dress as you please. No regrets!

So this is how I have been taking these babies out on strolls and rides…



What I wore: Forever 21 top – Zara culottes – Aldo sunglasses – DCK necklaces.




What I wore: Forever 21 bodysuit – Gap denim overalls – 80s vintage blazer – Betsey Johnson glasses







What I wore: Thrifted denim shirt – 80s Vintage skirt – Vintage pearl necklace


I totes channeled my inner teenager wearing these beauties again. As you can see in my last look, I was totes carried away into my Grease mode, which was my favorite look out of all 3. I’m so glad I rediscovered these babies; I might invest in another pair and get the Superstars…

Which one was you favorite look? And If you have a pair…how do you like them?

Until next time!

Cheers xo


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