Marc Jacobs Beauty-Mini Review…

If I ever had to choose a designer or a brand to use forever for the rest of my life without ands, ifs or buts…I would always choose Marc Jacobs. He’s such a talented designer and I simply love his work. To die for!! Him and Dolce & Gabbana have always been my favorite.

But when it comes to cosmetics, Marc Jacobs is my pick. I have tried many lipsticks, perfumes and now I dove into trying his mascara and gel eyeliner. From every brand out there that I have tired, Marco Jacobs’ cosmetics left me with a very positive outlook and it just does it for me. Marc is my hero!!!

So the Velvet Noir Mascara is the best mascara I have used to date, even though it is not waterproof and you have to be careful when you burst out laughing in tears X). Okay it’s up there with Benefit’s They’re real! (I love that one too..but Velvet Noir is going to be my favortie for the next while…) I absolutely love the Velvet Noir and even though it adds major volume, I manage to make it look natural by removing excess product from the brush. You can make your lashes look extravagant and clumpy by layering it on. But if I do one gentle swipe, I get exactly what I am looking for and that’s enough volume. Since I have long lashes, I don’t need loads of product. For the price (33$ CAD at Sephora), this mascara is totally worth it. I will say that hands down hands down…the best mascara I’ve ever tried!!! Gives full, long, gorgeous and glamorous lashes. I don’t know how else to describe this baby besides saying it’s a game changer.


Since I was feeling testing out the mascara, I also took the chance and time to try the Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in the color Sunset 74 (31$ CAD at Sephora). It’s a beautiful golden bronze shimmery color that just compliments my olive skin ever so slightly. It’s subtle but still shiny. I put it on my waterline and it stays put all day. The formula is just fantastic! It’s so luxurious and glides easily without tugging or hurting your eyeballs. It’s literally a bold statement, depending on the color you choose, with an extreme-wear. It’s waterproof and it delivers instant color payoff. I sometimes even choose to smudge it out and it comes out very nice and sultry. This crayon comes with a sharpener, so you just have to pop out the black sharpener and twist the tip of Highliner to sharpen. I don’t really use the sharpener but it’s good to have in case.


So this is what both of these products look like on me in action:


Have you guys tried these liners or this mascara?? What are your thoughts…please let me know in a comment below!

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