Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

These lipsticks have been out for a while, I’m pretty sure, but I only noticed them 2 weeks ago while passing the Burt’s Bees counter at the pharmacy. I usually love love love the Burt’s Bees Peppermint lip balm and knowing they made lipstick made me happy. So I initially purchased the color Lily Lake [...]

Fun in the sun!

I was totes being silly willy and enjoying the sun. There's enough stress in the world, so taking a break and enjoying the sun does some mental and physical good. I love spending time out in the sun...kinda like an iguana! Total heat lover...not some much with the cold. I don’t really the winter, but [...]

Animal planet

Been feeling sick a lot this year but lately I’m on a high...so excited and so full of energy!!! It’s probably all the vitamin D I have been getting. So I felt like dressing awesome and connecting with nature in my own way. My friend Cristina is super patient with me. She’s the one behind [...]

Ready, set, style!

I felt like getting into my summer vacation and sport a boho-chic style. I purchased these pants from a local vendor in Jordan last summer and they were dirt cheap. They’re so comfy and airy, it’s unreal! I am so in love with the pattern and the colors. The mix of orange and blue...just pretty! [...]