Cake by the sidewalk…

I bought this lipstick a while ago and didn’t use it much since I felt like it washed me out…it’s far too pale from what I am used to. Anyway, since I got the chance to catch a little bit of sun, my skin has tanned a little and I actually kinda like the color now. Cake by Colourpop is a bright peachy coraly lipstick with a satin finish. For the moment, it’s no longer in stock…but I guess they might bring it back soon….


SO! This is what I wore and I was totally inspired by this lippie stix. Hope you like it!!!



What I wore: 

– Forever 21 leopard print top.
-Zara textured pants.
-80s Italian vintage beige vest.
-Coach “Bea” silky suede/rabbit fur heels.
-Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
-Borrow bag from my friend Kiki (love ya!)


So what do you guys think of this color? Have you guys tried anything from Colourpop?? Let me know in a comment below!!

Cheers xo



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