Barefaced & free

The sun is finally settling in and the hot weather is slowly creeping in and I am so happy that I finally get to soak up some vitamin D and get a little color instead of looking bland and yellow (whilst protecting my skin  with SPF obviously). I also love to go barefaced nowadays and let me skin breathe and get rested. No makeup is always an option I like to choose anyway. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s healthy for my skin. Plus, I get to fall in love with my modest simple self..even though sometimes my skin is naughty and wants to rebel.

This is the greatest time of year to get your bold prints and light colors out while prancing happily enjoy the sun. This is exactly what I did today, I was literally prancing going to my appointments and work…can’t help it, the shoes made me do it X)

This is what I wore:


This is originally a dress I bought while on vacation in the Middle East and I fell in love with it because of it’s vintage style and bold print. Today, I decided to wear it as a top and cinch it up with a metal leaf belt I bought off of Ebay for like 2$ because I needed it for an event.

-Sunglasses: Kate Spade
-Dress: Splash
-Jeans: Forever 21
-Shoes: Forever 21
-Belt: Ebay

I really liked this outfit and wanted to share it with you. Hope you like it too.

Until next time!!

Cheers xo



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