OOTD with my bunkers

I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them and I knew I have to have them in my endlessly growing shoe collection (shoe addict right here!!!). Not that I need another shoe..I mean I don’t even have space for them and I know that 60 pairs is already too much…but for me shoes are the essential part of any outfit. It’s like the period at the end of a sentence..like the cherry on top of the cake!!! It’s essential to have pretty shoes at all time…Anyway these beautiful dusty rosey silvery fringed oxford are so cute and sooo comfortable, I never want to take them off.

That’s pretty much me….with my shoes!

So moving on, I found these beautiful Bunkers on sale in a warehouse sale for only 40$ (220$-original price). The reason why I feel in love with them is because of their uniqueness. I have never seen anything like this before. The soft leather take your foot’s shape and gives you ultimate comfort and the soft sole protects your foot and cushions it. The pretty girly color mixed with the manly cut and shape give it an extra oomph. You can definitely dress this shoe up or down. You can wear it with jeans or with a dress and the result will come out awesome either way.

Here’s what I wore today to make these babies shine…


What do you guys think of them…are they yay or nay?? Let me know in a comment below!

Cheers xo

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