Miami Fever

This post is featuring one of my favorite go to matte lipstick. The color is beautiful and suitable on any skin tone, but, it is particularly amazing on olive skin tone. This Ofra-Kathleen Lights collaboration is exciting! She’s a young American youtuber who has the sweetest personality.

This terracotta-y color is part of the long lasting lipstick range. It wears super nicely and last pretty well (as long as you don’t touch it). It doesn’t dry out my lips. It feels comfortable for as long as I have it on..The only thing that bugs me is the fact that it ends up on my teeth…takes a while to dry! Therefore, when I am sometimes in a hurry, I end up having people to clean my teeth. It smudges easy. But for the most part, I sincerely do love this color ❤


It sells for about 19.90$ USD on the Ofra website ( Packaging isn’t super wonderful but since the product is good…I kindda look past that.

This lipstick was my inspiration for today’s outfit..


What do you guys think of the outfit? Also have you guys tried the Ofra long lasting liquid lipsticks? What do you think of them?

Until next time!

Cheers xo



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