Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

One of my favorite lipsticks ever in the whole wide world of makeup is Marc Jacob’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This #216 lip color is part of his Le Marc lip creme lipstick. It’s a beautiful subtle color that is easily buildable (your lips but better-which can go from light to dark depending on application). This is my most worn color (as you can see in the picture…totally abused it). This sexy baked pinky-mauvy color is very rich, velvety and ultra-hydrating. It’s a lipstick that delivers a dramatic punch of vivid pigment and endless hours of luxurious wear. It sincerely stays on all day and I rarely reapply it. It’s a beautiful everyday shade which suits any skin color.


Did I mention the packaging?!! I am a total sucker for that..I sometimes purely only buy item based on packaging.  I am super in love with it <3. So sleek and elegant with a glossy black finish with the designer’s name embossed in silver. It has silver button which is just for show and it is also has a magnetic closing system, which is great when you throw this into your purse.


So today, because I didn’t want to spend so much effort dressing up…I opted for the Canadian suit look. The denim on denim look. I wore my favorite Gap items. A black jean jumper paired with an acid wash jean denim jacket. This look is super casual and comfortable. It’s very playful and you can definitely either dress it up or dress it down. I wouldn’t mind wearing this daily.


These Marc Jacobs Lip Creams are most definitely my favorite lipsticks ever and I have a couple of colors and although they are pricey (38$ CAD), they are worth every penny.

Have you guys tried these and what do you think of them? What are your favorite colors from this range?

Cheers xo

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