OPI’s Going My Way Or Norway

Every time I put this color on, I cannot stop looking at my nails…I just can’t even!!! OMG, I was always afraid of wearing brown…but when I came across this OPI color…I just had to try it. It’s such a beautiful nudish brown that actually compliments my olive skin tone. It’s not too pale and not too dark and so it doesn’t wash me out. It’s just the perfect borwny neutraly nudish color for me….It has been my favorite for a while and I keep going for it. I usually go for 1 or 2 coats maximum. It is good enough for it to be completely opaque. OPI’s Going My Way or Norway? Is definitely my favorite color for the moment and I will be over wearing it ˂3

And what I love about the neutral shade is that it’s elegant, very discreet and versatile. You don’t even have to worry about the fact that your nail color does not match your outfits. Plus, it’s trendy…soooo double bonus.

I also wanted to take the time to talk about Seche Vite. Like a mini review type of talk… OMGGG it really does dry your nail polish quickly…hence the French name: Seche vite (Dry fast). The perfect top coat for girls who are too busy to wait for their nail polish to dry. Seriously works like magic!! I tell you!!!! I just put it on after painting my nails, and then a few seconds later, my nails were perfectly dry. I am so amazed and I will use this all the time. It’s such a revelation for me!!



Let me know what you think and what nail color you’re obsessing over at the moment…


Cheers xo



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