Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

One of my favorite lipsticks ever in the whole wide world of makeup is Marc Jacob’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This #216 lip color is part of his Le Marc lip creme lipstick. It’s a beautiful subtle color that is easily buildable (your lips but better-which can go from light to dark depending on application). This is my most worn color (as you can see in the picture…totally abused it). This sexy baked pinky-mauvy color is very rich, velvety and ultra-hydrating. It’s a lipstick that delivers a dramatic punch of vivid pigment and endless hours of luxurious wear. It sincerely stays on all day and I rarely reapply it. It’s a beautiful everyday shade which suits any skin color.


Did I mention the packaging?!! I am a total sucker for that..I sometimes purely only buy item based on packaging.  I am super in love with it <3. So sleek and elegant with a glossy black finish with the designer’s name embossed in silver. It has silver button which is just for show and it is also has a magnetic closing system, which is great when you throw this into your purse.


So today, because I didn’t want to spend so much effort dressing up…I opted for the Canadian suit look. The denim on denim look. I wore my favorite Gap items. A black jean jumper paired with an acid wash jean denim jacket. This look is super casual and comfortable. It’s very playful and you can definitely either dress it up or dress it down. I wouldn’t mind wearing this daily.


These Marc Jacobs Lip Creams are most definitely my favorite lipsticks ever and I have a couple of colors and although they are pricey (38$ CAD), they are worth every penny.

Have you guys tried these and what do you think of them? What are your favorite colors from this range?

Cheers xo


Here I’m wearing “Flirtation”; a coraly orangy pink


I’ve been on a bit of a liquid lipsticks moment…especially when they’re matte.. My lipstick stash is growing quite rapidly as I love to try new lip products all the time. In today’s post, I am sharing with you my thoughts on Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors are brand new, they come in 8 shades, cost about 12.99$ CAD. The packaging is genuinely super cute; it’s small enough to pop into a small handbag or even your pocket!  You can clearly see the color through the transparent container and the elongated doe-foot applicator is easy to use.

This item is described as a “lightweight, high definition velvety matte colour. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula“. It smells fruity and nice. The are easy to apply and dry quite nice and fast. They don’t dry out the lips but once the formula sets, I find it a little’s not too matte, there’s a little something about it. It’s not super long lasting and when I accidentally touched my lips, the lipstick would move easily. My favorite lip color so far is Addiction; berry mauvy color that suits me best and I found the formula to sit better on my lips. For some reason, when I apply the lighter shades, they come out patchy.

I couldn’t get my hand on the other colors because they were sold out, but from the ones I tried, I didn’t mind. They’re more accessible and affordable and the range is quite nice. You can choose what suits you best. The formula is not that bad, but I felt them to be more satiny that matte.

I hope this review was helpful, let me know if you think if you tried them already!

Cheers xo

That 70s show

I am soooo soooo soooo freaking in love, head over heels, with this pants ❤ If I could, I’d wear them every single day. I love feeling unique. I have always had that in me, and whenever I would see someone else with the same piece as me, I would literally be bummed out. So vintage was the perfect gateway for me to find unique and special pieces to add to my wardrobe and ensure that no one else would have it. Vintage is not only exciting and wonderful, but it also helps the environment. Recycling and upcycling is very important to me, especially after working in the fashion industry. Anyway, I could go on and on about how vintage shopping and thrifting is super hype and cool and eco-friendly…but without making this blog post 10 pages long…here’s how I wore my favorite flared pants from Zara.

What I wore: 
Sunglasses: Simmons.
Top: Vintage floral silk shirt. Label: Equipment. Now available in my Etsy shop.
Pants: Zara. Currently available online and in stores. (89.90$ CAD).
Shoes and necklace: Aldo.


You can find a lot of vintage pieces that offer style, comfort, quirkiness and personality. You have to be patient and creative when shopping/thrifting. You have to know what you want and be sure of yourself. Like this delicate beautiful floral shirt, you can get vintage pieces and mix and match them to any modern piece in your wardrobe.

Be unique but most importantly, be you!
Cheers xo

Bloody Mary

I picked up this lipstick on a whim without even swatching it…I took a risk, purely because I loved the name: Bloody Mary. I guilty, sometimes, buy products for the packaging or the name (when used…I mostly do that with nail polish..weird, I know, but we’re all weird in our own way!!!). So I felt like wearing it today. And since I didn’t want to make an effort with my wardrobe, I went for a monochromatic street style look. This is the result of my impulse lip purchase…..

It’s a very pretty color and I am so so happy with it. It’s a hot pinkish-orangy red. Goes super nicely and perfectly with my skin tone. ANDDD, it’s matte 🙂



What I wore: 
Jacket: Only Leather bomber.
Sweater: Zoe Karssen.
Jeans: Rachel Zoe.
Shoes: Adidas.
Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson.

I could honestly go monochrome forever and it wouldn’t bother me. But since I want to be fair to every other color out there, I experiment.

What did you guys think of NYX’s Bloody Mary…is it a yay or a nay?


OPI’s Going My Way Or Norway

Every time I put this color on, I cannot stop looking at my nails…I just can’t even!!! OMG, I was always afraid of wearing brown…but when I came across this OPI color…I just had to try it. It’s such a beautiful nudish brown that actually compliments my olive skin tone. It’s not too pale and not too dark and so it doesn’t wash me out. It’s just the perfect borwny neutraly nudish color for me….It has been my favorite for a while and I keep going for it. I usually go for 1 or 2 coats maximum. It is good enough for it to be completely opaque. OPI’s Going My Way or Norway? Is definitely my favorite color for the moment and I will be over wearing it ˂3

And what I love about the neutral shade is that it’s elegant, very discreet and versatile. You don’t even have to worry about the fact that your nail color does not match your outfits. Plus, it’s trendy…soooo double bonus.

I also wanted to take the time to talk about Seche Vite. Like a mini review type of talk… OMGGG it really does dry your nail polish quickly…hence the French name: Seche vite (Dry fast). The perfect top coat for girls who are too busy to wait for their nail polish to dry. Seriously works like magic!! I tell you!!!! I just put it on after painting my nails, and then a few seconds later, my nails were perfectly dry. I am so amazed and I will use this all the time. It’s such a revelation for me!!



Let me know what you think and what nail color you’re obsessing over at the moment…


Cheers xo



World of prints

Wearing prints and mixing pattern is super exciting. I love styling just a little more than designing. I try to sometimes takes risks while styling some patterns and prints. Sometimes I win and sometimes I loose. Here are some of my outfits this week…

Outfit #1

What I wore:
– Vintage Necklace…my favorite and definitely a repeat on my blog X).
– Thrifted plaid shirt.
– Le Chateau belt.
– Imperial black/white skirt.
-Industry heels.

What I wore:
-Vintage beige coat.
-H&M black shirt.
-Thrifted pants.
-Jessica Simpson heels.
-DCK floral necklace.
– Kate Spade sunglasses.


What I wore:
-Aldo sunglasses.
-Forever 21 cape.
-Thrifted Mustard shirt.
-H&M printed pants.
-DCK necklace.
-Velvet heel…don’t remember the brand…but they’re one of the most comfy shoes I own!!!

I was particularly proud this week for taking a little more risks that usual. I felt confident and content with my outfits. I’d love to know what you think of these photos? Which outfit was a yay and which one was a nay? Would you have styled these pieces differently. I would love to get some feedback!!!

Until next time!

Cheers xo




Partners in crime…

I have been friends with Miss Katie for a while and she’s amazeballs. We met while working at Joshua Perets. We were both assistant designers at the time….and through our miseries, we became friends. Our love for Daddy Yankee, cheap sandwiches from the convenience store, sweaters and fries, made us inseparable. Oh!!! And crying in the bathroom together too (true story!!)…Although we were literally working 2 inches away from each other, we wrote each other notes like we were back in grade 5. Always having fun while hustling.

Even though we only worked together for a year, I felt like we knew each other for ages. At the time, we even planned to open a store together and call it Glitz & Glam. I don’t remember who was glitz and who was glam, but we were definitely set on doing that. Then life took us different places. We grew, we traveled, we worked at our own projects and paths…but we still maintained contact. Seeing Katie evolve was pretty spectacular. She had mad sketching skills when we worked together, but now she’s got killer graphic skills.

I wanted to share with you some of her work. She’s a freelance graphic designer and does some pretty sick work…You’ll love it!! Not only is super talented, but she’s generous, she’s kind, she’s smart and she can make anyone just plain giggle!! I asked her a few questions, keep reading below to get to know her a little.


1 – Why did you study fashion design?

I ended up in fashion design by accident. I’ve always been creative and knew I wanted to do something creative “when I grew up”. I guess I’ve always liked clothing and took sewing lessons as a kid. In high school we had to do volunteer hours and though a classmate who was into musical theater I ended up helping with costume and being a dresser for Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. I loved the excitement backstage and after high school when I decided Fine Arts wasn’t going to get me into a paying career I applied to a bunch of schools for a bunch of different creative trades like film-making. A family friend had attended Lasalle College in Montreal and I had applied there since you could specialize in costume. They had accepted me and two weeks before the semester started they called me and asked if I was coming or not. After graduating I just ended up getting work in apparel and footwear and that is how I’ve ended up where I am now.


2-Why the change of course? From fashion to graphic?

I still consider myself in fashion but I am usually more into the Graphic side of things like CADs or technical sketches. I really like it because it is a quick way to get a sneak peak at what the final garment will look like instead of waiting on samples to roll in. Adding and developing prints to put on these sketches just brings the garment to life even more and I find that really exciting.

3-What inspires you and what keeps creativity rolling?

Everything inspires me. Keep me away from Pinterest!! I usually love bold prints and colors! Right now I think Mara Hoffman can do no wrong! Seeing these images just makes me what to make things. Anything!


4-Where do you aspire to be a few years from now?

The design industry can feel really corporate and the end goal would be to be fully self sufficient though a contract/ freelance/ personal company way. I love learning how to make new things and different things so I enjoy building on my skill set and who knows what opportunities will come along.


Can we all take a moment to fall in love with the banana print!! Ughhh ❤

If you want to check more of her work…you can find her on  Instagram @katiegriffindesign! Don’t be shy peeps and hit the follow button.

Until next time.

Cheers xo