Weekend outfits

Last weekend I took advantage of the nice sunny days to dress up for some outings in town and since I was feeling pretty confident and super happy with what I wore, I wanted to document it. For the most part of the weekend, I had to run errands and then had a dinner in a restaurant and this is what I wore:



What I wore:

– Retro dress
-Vintage vest
-DCK necklace
-Vince Camuto booties
-Simmons sunnies





What I wore:

-Thirfted jean shirt
-Reitmans sweater
-Calvin Klein marble jeans
-Vintage pearl necklace
-Vince Camuto booties
-Kate Spade sunnies
-Forever 21 Jacket

I hope you like when I share my random photos with you, it’s something I really enjoy doing and I feel like it’s a great way to share my outfits with all of you all over the world. Maybe it will inspire you to include and welcome vintage in your wardrobes.


Cheers xo


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