I’m calling spring!

It’s been kind of a long winter for me this year…and I have been feeling super blah! So this week I just told myself: enough is enough! And since I have been having loads of fun with my outfits, I wanted to share some pics with you guys. What I love about the fashion industry, more than design, is styling. Why? Because I feel free and uber creative. Styling gives me the freedom to express myself fully and unapologetically. To mix and match colors and patterns..just ugh!! Happy camper right here!!!

Outfit #1
In this outfit, the main focus is obviously my Topshop coral jacket. I decided to add my favorite vintage striped silk shirt and add these slim fit Forever 21 pants. I definitely have to add that these pants are the bombbbb. The fit is just ummm…Amazing! I wore my Vince Camuto booties and to bring it all together, I added a floral veil and a turquoise blue necklace.

Outfit #2

These pants! I gotta say, the fabric is the softest fabric I ever touched and I touched plenty. I bought these pants when I was on a vacation in the Middle East. I just kept them in the closet and never got the chance to wear them. So to break away from the winter blues, I brought them out for a ride and matched them with my Dynamite top and my favorite vintage necklace. I then added a simple white veil to bring the whole outfit together.


Outfit #3
I recently went shopping with a friend, and when we noticed a shop carrying European brands having major discounts, we just went crazy. Everything in that shop was just perfection. Every piece was unique and special. This skirt is exactly that and more…the fabric, the fit, the pattern….everything about this skirt is beautiful, especially the way it makes you feel like a princess while wearing it. Since the skirt is the focal point in this outfit, I decided to keep the rest of the color/pattern combo simple.


I added a red veil to bring a pop of color around my face and a gold necklace to recall the gold touches in this brocade skirt.

These are some of the outfits I wore this week. Styling for me is like a game and I have developed a deep love and passion for it since I was young. I always say that over dressing is a privilege and don’t be afraid to do so, because it is what makes you you.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which outfit you like best.

Cheers <3



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