1 culotte and 5 different looks

Culottes seem scary to some…but!!!! when styled properly and imaginatively, they are a chic alternative to classic tailoring and work just as easily by day and by night. Culottes were very big in 2015 and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Women’s culottes came about in the Victorian era, as women of the time started to become much more active by participating in  various physical activities such as horseback riding, tennis and bicycling. Since skirts were not so so practical, the bifurcated skirts of the Victorian era were created to give women the illusion of wearing a long skirt while allowing them to be active.

The French word “culottes” was borrowed and used to refer to these new women’s pants. Women enjoyed a new-found freedom in the Victorian version of culottes and did not need to endure much social backlash, because this garment looked enough like a skirt.

To give life to one of the biggest trends of the past, I have come up with 5 different looks using 1 pair of culottes….From super-dressy to wildly-rocker chic. So check bellow for inspiration…

1-The super feminine delicate look:
I paired these Zara checkered culottes with a loose pleated vintage top and necklace..Then I added pops of color with my electric blue scarf and red Zara block heels.

2- The laid back-no hassle-too cool for school look:
I paired the same culottes with a simple vintage mustard sweater and paired it with pops of red in the scarf and the necklace. I then added leather knee high boot with gold touches to tie in with the mustard top.

3- The free spirit-pattern loving girl look:
I paired the same checkered Zara culottes with a striped vintage shirt and a Reitmans sweater. To add color to this monochromatic look, I added suede blue Jessica Simpson heels and a flower statement necklace. This is one of my favorite looks because you have freedom to mix and match patterns. Taking risks in fashion is something I definitely love to do!

4- The super fashionista look:
This look is where there are endless possibilities to add colors, textures and little details without boundaries. I paired the culotte with a texture Reitmans sweater and added pops of color with an orange scarf and a red heart-shaped Kate Spade bag. I then added some sparkles on my feet with these beige/black Forever 21 sandals. I then tied this all up with a mirrored necklace which has reflections of blue, orange and red.

5- The rocker chic bad-ass look:
This is probably my favorite look of all time, because I can live in a leather jacket and die in one and be the happiest girl in town. I always was and always will be a leather jacket kindda girl. I paired the culottes with a Danier leather jacket, a Tupac/Notorious B.I.G. top, Vince Camuto booties and tied it all together with a brown veil.

Even though these culottes were checkered, I still felt freedom in styling them as I want. Like any piece of clothing in your wardrobe, you must understand it, love it and feel it!! With that one piece, you have endless and countless opportunities to style it as you wish to express yourself freely and without boundaries. It is necessary to not be afraid to mix and match. This is exactly what gives you the chance to leave your own mark in the world and to define your own style. So be unique, but most importantly be you!!

Cheers xo

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