Why vintage…because it rocks!!!


IMG_1718.JPGIn the past decade or so, vintage clothing has become very popular. It certainly has made its way up there and into mainstream fashion. We can even see some celebrities wearing vintage clothing & accessories. This phenomenon has given the market a serious boost. The reason why I decided to get into vintage hunting/selling was because buying vintage makes you stand out from the crowd. Vintage pieces can be worn in a very modern way and this is the perfect opportunity to secure an individual look. Vintage…that’s special! Why?? Simply because every vintage piece has a story to tell and it carries history. You can take any piece and make it your own; styling it in accordance to your lifestyle and your taste. With a little bit of oomph and a little bit of attitude, vintage pieces can give you the power to be raw, real and super genuine. I also love the idea of upcycling and recycling…being a little more green doesn’t hurt anyone!

Besides, there will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces. Many consumers are discovering that vintage is not only adaptable to current trends, but that it’s also timeless. Some pieces are classics and can even become wardrobe staples. And what I find super interesting in working with vintage, is that you notice the quality…obviously when the items are maintained with caution and care! So for anyone looking for an edge and some spice in their wardrobe, choosing to buy vintage gives you the chance to own a one-of-a-kind item. This allows every individual to always wear their own eclectic style.



The thrill I get in hunting vintage treasures is the liberty I have in being creative on a limited budget. And when you see that one piece in the thrift store and you hold it in your hands, and when your brain starts running a million miles an hour imagining outfit combinations…..aaahhhhh..it’s glorious and exciting and amazing and just so fulfilling. To know that I can take an old piece, revive it and make it my own, gives me satisfaction like no tomorrow. I sometimes feel more creative working with vintage as opposed to designing a dress from scratch. It’s just a feeling of pure joy!  I even remember being younger, my sister and I always had a big love for collecting vintage. We used to fight to get some of our mother’s vintage items. I still own a lot of those pieces and I am very proud to wear them out because they offer me originality and this is the key to being stylish. Finally, wearing vintage is a means of individual expression for those trying to achieve a fashion statement…to fitting in whilst standing out.

PS…Some of the pieces in the pictures attached are listed in my Etsy shop..so  go take a look!

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