Hydration tips for long flights.

In lights of my next 12 hours long trip tomorrow, I wanted to share with you some of my tips on staying hydrated on long flights and ways to keeping your skin happy ❤

Hydration is key to staying comfortable on your flight. Keeping your skin happy will make you enjoy the trip more. Drinking loads of water prior to your trip is key. You must stay hydrated at all times, especially during the flight. Since the air inside the cabin is humid, we tend to dehydrate very quickly and this could lead to serious problems if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Here are some of the items that are a must for me to bring on board the plane:


  1. Water: Super essential to stay hydrated from the inside out. It will help you stay healthy and feel fresh. Drinking plenty of water will also help your skin feel soft and smooth.
  2. Face moisturizer: When stuck on long flights, it’s always a must to bring along a good moisturizer with me, because it helps my skin not feel super tight or itchy. My favorite one is La Roche-Posay’s Toleriane. It helps keep my dry intolerant skin very smooth. The formula is concentrated in La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water and this helps in soothing the tight, burning, pulling sensations. Because I suffer from contact dermatitis and severe eczema, this intensely nourishes my skin and restores comfort without irritating me. What I love about it; it’s fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free and non-comedogenic.
  3. Moisturizing facial spray or Fiber mask: You can choose which ever suits your comfort. Putting a fiber face mask on the plane seems a bit excessive, but trust me it helps a ton..Especially on 12 hour flight. The worst feeling in the world for me is to be dry or itchy and this is why I don’t mind looking silly on the plane. Having a Jason X mask is definitely not the sexiest, but hey, it does the job! For those worried about looking crazy, you can opt for facial mists. This is a great alternative and you can put that as many time as you want. My favorite fiber masks are the Sephora ones because they do the job just great and are inexpensive!
  4. Lip care: Now there are times when I went on long flights without lip care products and let me tell you that the days after landing I suffered majorly with extremely dry and blistered lips. Not the greatest feeling in the world!!! You can opt for any regular lip balm rich with coconut oil or emu oil. But what I choose to put on long flights is Bite’s Agave Lip Mask. I put it once and if necessary I would apply again. But for the most part, doing it once is enough for me during the whole trip. This product is the bomb! It keeps my lips hydrate, plum and super moisturized.
  5. Eye drops: Let’s not forget our eyes!! They too need care! And sometimes on planes, they get really really dry and itchy. Eye drops are good to help alleviate the dryness and they keep you happy! The one I like the most is the Refresh Liquigel because it helps ease any issues with a long lasting effect.
  6. Body lotion/hand cream: We can’t forget about the rest of our body. I know the face is important, but we can’t keep the rest of our body neglected. So to give some love to my skin, I choose L’Occitane’s hand cream for dry skin. This is a thick cream formula which keeps the skin hydrated without being greasy. I love hydration but hate grease and this baby offers me exactly what I want.

These are some of my favorite products for long flights. What are yours? Maybe I’ll discover something new…Cheers xo

#tbt to when I launched my first collection…

Not to make this post suuuupperr long, but here’s a condensed version of the facts and steps on how I decided to become a fashion designer. Back in 2008, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages & Linguistics. I was excited to be part of the adult world, as I knew exactly what I wanted to do…and that meant translation (at the time). A year into the work field, I was like that’s it, this is not me! this is impossible! I’m unhappy….and then flash forward  to when I figured fashion design is the way to go.

Getting into fashion was the best decision I ever made at 21. I knew then and there that life is all set for me. It took me 13 months of intensive work, blood (literally), tears, amazing friendships and experiences to get me the diploma. With great distinction, I became the designer I knew I could be. I was young, hungry and extremely ambitious to get into the industry. I was eager to leave my mark despite the fact that everyone thought I was mad for getting into this field while wearing my veil. Don’t get me wrong, I never thought my veil would ever stop me from being awesome or kick ass and I never saw it or used it as a handicap. I always knew that I wanted to be a girl boss and let me tell you (very humbly) that I did that and so much more. I managed to launch 3 lines on my own and get contracts and even start my own online shop…

So today, I am sharing with all of you my experience as a fashion designer. I launched my first line in 2013 as a tribute to my voyage to Morocco, the land of Saharan beauty ❤
It was crazy, surreal, exciting, humbling, scary, chaotic, and the list goes on. I will never forget the adrenaline I felt backstage, watching the girls parade my dresses with poise and finesse (Gosh they were all super sweet and adorable!!!). I felt like a proud mama, letting her babies go off into the world on their own.

I never in my mind have imagined to be there, backstage at Ottawa Fashion Week. It was so surreal that the next day I got sick; literally and psychically sick. I was beyond words. Everyone who ever shut me down and told me to not even think about designing was wrong and I made it. It was a moment of glory and pride for me and for my family. I want to thank everyone who didn’t believe in me, because if it wasn’t for them, I would never have had the guts, the power, nor the energy to push and achieve.

So here are some of my pieces:

David Kirouac Photography
David Kirouac Photography

To design is a beautiful art, but it’s a tough art. It’s very demanding in a fulfilling way. Long hours go into making garments. From the pattern, to the fitting, to the adjusting, to the sewing and to the very last detail put on the last minute backstage..everything counts and everything makes a difference. There is no room for error and no time to waste. Let me tell you that I didn’t truly believe in myself until the next day, when I saw the reviews. They were positive, constructive and just very touching. I cried, and cried hard. Knowing that I actually made a dream come into a reality gave me the necessary push to keep fighting.

David Kirouac Photography

From that moment on, I vowed to believe in myself and do everything I wanted to do. Anything that scares me, I do it! Anything anyone tells me I can’t do, I do it! Ain’t no time to waste!!! Life is too short to sit and wallow. We must always have the courage to fight for what we believe in and follow our dreams. I was very hard on myself growing up, always told myself I wasn’t good enough, always pushed myself to the limit. But now, I have come to an age where I can say, good job Iman! I achieved a lot and I am proud of every effort, every step and every mistake I took to get to where I am today. I am fierce, I am powerful, I am limitless and I am woman. I guess what I am trying to tell everyone out there with a dream is; go for it!! Do not let anyone put you down. And the negativity, use it, take it in, turn it into fuel to keep pushing yourself to another limit and to another level. Never be afraid to make mistakes, as they are part of the beautiful process and journey to achieve personal greatness and to reach your goals.

Keep shining peeps and be who you are meant to be, fully and apologetically.

Cheers xo



Why vintage…because it rocks!!!


IMG_1718.JPGIn the past decade or so, vintage clothing has become very popular. It certainly has made its way up there and into mainstream fashion. We can even see some celebrities wearing vintage clothing & accessories. This phenomenon has given the market a serious boost. The reason why I decided to get into vintage hunting/selling was because buying vintage makes you stand out from the crowd. Vintage pieces can be worn in a very modern way and this is the perfect opportunity to secure an individual look. Vintage…that’s special! Why?? Simply because every vintage piece has a story to tell and it carries history. You can take any piece and make it your own; styling it in accordance to your lifestyle and your taste. With a little bit of oomph and a little bit of attitude, vintage pieces can give you the power to be raw, real and super genuine. I also love the idea of upcycling and recycling…being a little more green doesn’t hurt anyone!

Besides, there will always be people who like individual and interesting pieces. Many consumers are discovering that vintage is not only adaptable to current trends, but that it’s also timeless. Some pieces are classics and can even become wardrobe staples. And what I find super interesting in working with vintage, is that you notice the quality…obviously when the items are maintained with caution and care! So for anyone looking for an edge and some spice in their wardrobe, choosing to buy vintage gives you the chance to own a one-of-a-kind item. This allows every individual to always wear their own eclectic style.



The thrill I get in hunting vintage treasures is the liberty I have in being creative on a limited budget. And when you see that one piece in the thrift store and you hold it in your hands, and when your brain starts running a million miles an hour imagining outfit combinations…..aaahhhhh..it’s glorious and exciting and amazing and just so fulfilling. To know that I can take an old piece, revive it and make it my own, gives me satisfaction like no tomorrow. I sometimes feel more creative working with vintage as opposed to designing a dress from scratch. It’s just a feeling of pure joy!  I even remember being younger, my sister and I always had a big love for collecting vintage. We used to fight to get some of our mother’s vintage items. I still own a lot of those pieces and I am very proud to wear them out because they offer me originality and this is the key to being stylish. Finally, wearing vintage is a means of individual expression for those trying to achieve a fashion statement…to fitting in whilst standing out.

PS…Some of the pieces in the pictures attached are listed in my Etsy shop..so  go take a look!

What is Egypt…

It’s #traveltuesday!!! And today I would love to share what I loved most in visiting Egypt this past summer. It was definitely a must see place for me since forever. My parents took us when we were teeny weenie tots, but I don’t recall much of it (except of course the photos left as evidence)…This is why I needed to take this trip and see the country. So without further ado, here are the 5 places I enjoyed during my short trip to Egypt:

  1. The Pyramids (of course!!!!)
    What is a trip to Egypt without seeing the pyramids?? It’s like having cheese cake without the cheese…just doesn’t make sense!!
    OMGGG!! Let me tell you, when I saw the pyramids from far, I died a couple of times due to high levels of excitement (no joke). Well, they don’t need much of an introduction; we all know that the pyramids are a part of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The pyramids remain a mystery but they are mesmerizingly beautiful in person. Pictures don’t do them any justice.
  2. The Nile river
    It is considered the longest river in the world as it is shared by 11 countries. Taking a boat ride on the Nile, at night, with girlfriends, is the best thing you can do in Egypt. It’s beautiful, it’s magical, and it’s epic…To share this with new acquaintances while watching the city gleam and glow and while listening to Arabic music is an absolute experience!! If you can do that, do not hesitate!
  3. Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque
    This beauty is situated on the summit of the citadel. It is an Ottoman mosque and is one of the largest to be built in the first half of the 19th century. This is one of the most visible mosques in Cairo. The inside of this mosque is just as beautiful as the outside. It’s very ornate and the detailing of the ceiling is remarkable.
  4. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
    I am a complete nerd when it comes to history and mummies. Whenever I get a chance to learn about a different civilization, culture or language, I go through a massive fan girl stage. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities contains many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history. It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities such as coffins, mummies, statues and figurines. It’s a HUGE museum…like seriously huge!!!  I was slightly disappointed by the placement of things because it was a little overwhelming and confusing, but I was extremely excited to live the history of the Pharaohs.
    Bonus: You get to see the mummy and the sarcophagus of king Tutankhamun!! EEEKKK!!!!
  5. Khan Al-Khalili
    Last but definitely not least….what’s a vacation without some shopping?? That would be a complete disaster…well I am a bit of a drama queen, but seriously, shopping always rocks, especially when abroad. What I loved about Khan Al-Kahlili is the fact that you get to experience the true authentic meaning of old souks. The people, the commotion, the shops, the souvenirs…everything about this place made me love Egypt more. The Khan Al-Khalili is mainly a place occupied by merchants and shop holders. Shops typically sell souvenirs, antiques and jewellery. In addition to shops, there are several coffeehouses, restaurants and street food vendors. The coffee shops are generally small and quite traditional, serving Arabic coffee and usually offering shisha.

There are many more points that made me cherish my travels in Egypt and I will definitely keep these memories in my heart. I just hope this was informative and will make you guys want to visit Egypt with an open heart. With an open mind, you will absolutely have a great time and do not be afraid to take risks, as traveling is a great way to meet new people, experience goodness and rawness.

Cheers y’all and stay tuned for more travel stories xo


The Hair Must-Haves.

I was out shopping for new hair products because I was stuck in a tiny Head & Shoulders rut. I got tired of using the same hair products over and over and over again. Until one day I decided to head over to Aveda for some change. That’s when I stumbled upon the Invati range. Now, what drew me to this range in particular was the fact that it claims to reduce hair loss by 33%.

I have been using this range for a couple of weeks now and I must admit that it holds to its promise. My hair looks stronger, shinier and much healthier. I am an absolute happy camper!!!



The exfoliating shampoo helps by removing build-up that can clog pores and renews the scalp with wintergreen derived salicylic acid. It contains an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including certified organic turmeric and ginseng. After one shampoo, the scalp definitely feels clean!


The scalp revitalizer helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles when massaged in. It’s an oil with blends of vitamin E ingredients which is proven to help accelerate micro-circulation with therapeutic massage. This helps the hair be stronger and look much healthier.


The thickening conditioner is a great product to help (as the name suggests) thicken hair with its blend of guar and rapeseed-derived ingredients. This product helps restore strength and improve hair elasticity, reducing breakage. It also helps add natural shine to you hair.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

Another Aveda product that I have been really loving is the thickening tonic!!! Gosh, I cannot stop raving about this little baby. This baby is perfect for styling and volumizing without being too heavy on the hair. It gives the hair perfect lift without being sticky or greasy.


Aveda products are on the pricey side but they are totally worth every penny!! They keep their promise in giving you luscious healthy hair. Plus, you can count it as an awesome investment to a long term love relationship with you hair!!!


Hello..It’s me

3_Katia Pershin_IMG_3755
Katia Pershin Photography

OKAYYY So…As my first Blog post, I will take the time to introduce myself. I am a fashion designer/vintage curator by profession. I am absolutely in love with fashion <3<3 Everyone who personally knows me, will point that out too. I love colors, textures and patterns. The reason why I decided to go into fashion was because I fell in love with Elie Saab and secretly (not so secret anymore) dreamt that I was his successor. Fashion, to me, is home. It is truly where I most find myself. As I always say, it is a cruel yet beautiful world, where perfectly imperfect beauty is celebrate. It is a place where you can find a place to yourself and where you can express yourself freely without boundaries or limits.

The photo above will describe me accurately. I am a middle eastern girl who grew up in Canada. Being bi-cultural is by no means easy. It has it’s ups and downs. But for the most part, I find myself happier than I ever thought I would be. I am culturally aware and I am absolutely in love with that idea!!! I am an African at heart, I am a German avid fan, I speak Italian and Spanish, I admire the Chinese culture, I die for Soca music, I am a Canadian girl and a proud Arab…the list goes on. What I am trying to say is, culture is definitely a source of inspiration, and this is obvious in most of my work. I am very passionate about traveling and this is the perfect way for me to learn about other cultures and find ideas for my designs.

I participated in many fashion shows and charity events (a big part of who I am). I have my own fashion line, but I mostly custom make evening gowns to women who desire to stand out from the crowd. I struggled to combine my love for nature and earth with creating fashion. I was offered production contracts but deep down I knew this wasn’t who I am. My respect for others, nature and my values did not lead me to continue down the mass production path. This is how I started my vintage shop. Being a vintage hunter and curator is much more exciting and satisfying than anything I have ever done. I not only bring back to life unique vintage pieces, I also up-cycle and recycle. Through my Etsy shop, I decided to make my love for helping others come to life. With that, every sale made, I give a percentage to random acts of kindness.



So I invite you and welcome you to come along with me on a journey filled with exciting fashion bits, beauty tips, travel trips and much more. Cheers to all of you lovely people of the WWW.