How to spruce up a dull winter with a colourful coat!

Winter for many of us living in North America usually mean boring, practical and bland clothes. We always look to be comfortable ad warm in the cold months. However, I feel like winter is the perfect time for us to experiment with color and push ourselves out of our boxes and see beyond the heavy snowstorms. I mean, yes, we have to be super warm and snuggly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t amp up our color games when it comes to winter outwear. I have always had a colourful coat, either red or white or brown over the years, along with my typical every day black coat. I am a winter gal and spending a little bit more on a coat is something I am willing to do because I want to be happy in winter. Investing in a fun coat to spruce up a dull winter is necessary and makes winter feel less long. There’s no need to break the bank, but if fit and quality are there, don’t be afraid to invest a little more than usual as a classic jacket can be something that will stand the test of time in your closet. You can always make sure that you have your essentials down before you treat yourself to something a bit funkier to jazz things up. In today’s post, I’ve included my picks for both categories. Here’s my advice when it comes to killing your coat game:

First thing’s first, check what you have in your closet before buying anything so that you don’t end up getting something similar to what you already own. Write down what it is that you’re looking for in a coat so that you get exactly what you are looking for. Jotting things down helps you find the pros and cons of things and building your wardrobe around that concept helps you from saving the bucks and helps you not put more waste of the planet. Fast fashion can sometimes be problematic and you want to stir away from “trendy” items so that you get the use out of them.


Second thing that is important when shopping for a new coat is to try as many as possible to make sure that you are not only pleased with the style, but also with the fit and the quality. Make sure you are comfortable in your coat and make sure that you can easily move in it when it is buttoned up. Once you find the one, make sure to check the quality and the stitching so that you don’t get any surprises when you’re home.

Last but not least, once you’re got your classics down, get funky! Find an awesome, colourful, happy coat to wear this winter! Wearing something out of norm might help you fight the winter blues and get through it smoothing sailing. Fun doesn’t necessarily mean compromising warmth…you can do with both! You just need to find the right place to purchase said coat.


Zara is usually my go-to when it comes to statement coats because I know I’ll get my money’s worth. I sometimes like to hit the charity shops because I find beautiful quality vintage jackets and coats and they make wonderful collectibles.

Here you have it! Hope that you have an awesome, warm, colourful winter!!!



Not sure what to wear this holiday season…don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

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My first attempt at Tokyo street style.

In the recent years of closely following fashion street looks from all over the world, I have to say that my favourite by far is the Tokyo one because of so many good reasons. I thoroughly enjoy everything I see, although to some, it might not make sense. The people of Japan know damn well how to dress and they kill it! What I love it about their street style is that it’s authentic, it’s real and it’s super raw. No two will dress alike and everyone’s got their own thing. The Japanese do not limit their style to just fabric and regular garments, they are not afraid to add in balloons and furs and all sorts of cool things.

They are not afraid to go out of the box and wear ingenious items to stand out from the crowd and this is what I love most about them; they certainly know how to express themselves and leave a big mark. Also their color mixing and matching color game is always lit! They do it so well! So in an attempt to re-launch my love for dressing up after falling ill and after having a baby to care for, here is my Tokyo street style inspired look…


Going into this, I didn’t know what I was really thinking and I was quite worried that I would look insane walking down the street wearing an array of colors. City people really do love their greys and blacks…so I for sure will be an oddball; not that I ever cared…but yeah. I obviously decided to go with vintage because why not? I bought this fuchsia raincoat a while back when I was pregnant from a charity shop and didn’t wear because well it wasn’t the time for it. It’s a vintage London Fog and I know it seems big but it’s so super fashionable and the rest well is history.



TRENCH: London Fog (vintage) ♠ SHIRT: Joe Fresh ♠ SKIRT: Vintage ♠ BOOTS: Spring ♠ BELT: Vintage ♠ BAG: Betsey Johnson ♠ SUNNIES: Aldo

This skirt I also bought at the same charity shop and having been dying to wear it because it’s so loud and colourful but I only had the chance to do so now and it’s quite crazy how the weather changes here. It’s in a very pretty soft light cotton that you can wear in the summer but easily transition it into the fall but wear stockings underneath to keep warm. Although I didn’t completely dive into the Tokyo street style looks and go full full out, I felt pretty confident and happy with the outfit. It just gave me the boost I needed to get back into the swing of things. Sometimes, we need that little push to get out of our comfort zones or perhaps to find ourselves again.



The good, the bad and the ugly of living with a 2 month old!

I can’t believe how fast time flies and how much bigger my little monster is. Eight weeks! Two months! It’s insane! In a blink of an eye, my baby is getting bigger and bigger and changes and grows and develops and explores the world around her. Things have gotten better, here’s how I will start my thoughts because I don’t want to be sounding negative at all. I want to state that everything has been quite the challenge for me and that motherhood definitely doesn’t come with a manual. Every parent is different and so is every baby. My baby has been accused of being too needy and well I say so what?! My daughter is super aware of her surrounding and whenever I go missing she cries, she’s the type of baby that needs comforting constantly and she needs to feel secure. While I find it very challenging on most days, I offer her the comfort because I want to and not because I have to. I love making her feel better and if that means I need to carry her into my arms all day well then be it. There is no such thing as spoiling a baby!!! It’s a baby!! It’s supposed to cry and whine and want hugs and kisses all the time. I believe that a lot of people need time for themselves and need to teach independence to their children at a very very young age. I was somewhat a little peer pressured to give my daughter that space so that she grows to become independent and although I feel like I sometimes carry her loads, I do not feel like I need to teach her to be independent any time soon. There will be plenty of days where she will learn that by herself with the world we live in now.


So the beauty and the good of living with a two month old is that you get to see them change every day and see them grow and it is truly a remarkable blessing. I was always so hard on myself, saying that I wouldn’t be a good mother….but really, what is the definition of good? We, women, tend to always want to be the best of the best and not make mistakes and I find that I am always questioning myself whether I am doing the right thing for the little one or not. But as time passes, I realized that I need to chill, take a step back, stop overanalyzing shit and just live each day to the fullest and learn to give as much love as possible to my baby.

I say bad, but it isn’t really that bad. Motherhood is a full-time job and you need to be alert and there all the time and although I am lacking sleep and I get frustrated and angry easily I still do enjoy being a mom. Being a mom is nothing like I have done before. I was career focused and needed validation from my superiors to tell me I was doing a good job and that pushed me to go further and be more ambitious. Being a mom, you don’t get that….no one gives you that validation, you have to give it to yourself, even though sometimes it’s hard. I may not be the best mom in the world, but I know that day in day out, I am doing what’s best for me and little Sofia. So although, you don’t get to sleep too too much (my friend was so right when she said sleep as much as you can before baby comes), you still get to bond with the little human that shares your DNA.

That leaves me with the ugly and the only ugly I noticed is that I sometimes forget to take care of myself. The bags under my eyeballs are real! And the smell of milk is undeniable but I know that this is a phase and it will pass, and so, all I can do now is enjoy every little moment because these moments will not come back.

So, all in all, living with a two month old is hard work but work that blooms into something beyond beautiful and I am so glad to be able to experience that. Not saying I want a second baby…all I am saying is, right now, I am loving it; even with its challenges. I am finally getting the hang of things and I can deal with my feelings a lot better. Crying is therapeutic for me these days and so, if I feel somewhat overwhelmed, I push through it and at the end of the day, I let it all out with a great big cry and I instantly feel much better. I feel like crying doesn’t mean I am weak, it just means I am a fighter and that’s what we are, us mothers, we are fighters!

Follow the rainbow!

While pinks and tartans are gracing the catwalk lately, the rainbow trend is making a huge statement and popping up all over the catwalks. Many designers are paying tribute to the LGBTQ community while others are just tired to conform to the bland of the high fashion world and are using the rainbow to make happier collections. I have always loved the rainbow trend…I remember having some rainbow pieces in college and one of them was a scarf and I loved it! You could spot me miles away with that thing; sucks because I don’t know what happened to it. I remember impatiently waiting for winter to arrive so I could wear it proudly. Seeing all those beautiful rainbow inspired pieces in stores brings back so many good memories. I guess yes to inclusivity! I have to say that of all the pieces that walked the runway, my favourite was Christopher Bailey maxi coat for Burberry; it’s an absolute dream! I would wear this as a robe at home while sipping tea all day, every day!


So here’s my version of the rainbow trend, I must admit though that it takes courage to sport such bright pieces and that I had to work on a little bit…


I spotted these wonderful trousers at Forever 21 a while ago while still being massively pregnant and I grabbed them off the rack and didn’t even think about it then; without trying without checking the size, I just knew they would be perfect. And here I am today, proudly wearing them the way I see fit and I couldn’t be happier. They’re a little tight around the butt/hip area, however, I know that they still look great and most importantly, I feel freaking fabulous in them!

I paired this gorgeous trouser with none other than my current favourite sweater and they worked so perfectly together. Match made in fashion heaven.


Since I was out and about with dear little monster of mine, I couldn’t do heels and what better way to finish the outfit than with my white leather Converse. Maybe because I am exhausted and I lack sleep, but it takes a lot these days for me to feel good about myself, however, today I have to admit that I felt fresh and invigorated.


PS…for those of you who’d like to try this trend out but don’t have the guts…well you can! There are many different options available to your own liking…like these awesome joggers:



On Wednesdays we wear pink!

As you all know, I have a deep fascination with sweaters and so expanding my collection is crucial and since my sister knows I have an incurable obsession…she bought me this wonderful sweater dress from H&M in bubble-gum pink and immediately I though ouuuu Mean Girls! I have done pink on pink multiple times when i was in high school, it was almost a uniform of mine back in the day…but for some reason, I left that stage and never looked back and although I still do love pink, I rarely wear it these days. Since coming back to Canada in June, I feel like pink has made a huge comeback in stores and it’s like basically everywhere and so I couldn’t help but fall back in love with it. To pay tribute to the good all days, I decided to do a monochrome all pink outfit, because why not!


I was debating over and over whether I wanted to wear heels or sneakers but I made an effort and went for the heels instead. Seems like, for the last bit of pregnancy and a little bit now, wearing sneakers and flats is almost the right thing to do, even though heels is my biggest weakness. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things. And since the outfit was a little flat, I added more colour to it by putting touches of blue and gold and these Aldo heels were the perfect fit.


SWEATER DRESS: H&M • JEANS: Calvin Klein • BAG: Aldo • SUNNIES: Aldo • EARRINGS: Vintage • BELT: Zara • SHOES: Aldo


I think those are pretty much basics and see myself hanging on to them for years to come. It is important to shop smarter and I feel like over the years and with experience, I have learned to shop less but invest in pieces I truly love and know will wear. Besides, pink is always a good color to have in your wardrobe to lighten up your days and your mood!



Why I chose a birthing house…

As you can tell by the title of this blog, I decided to give birth to baby Sofia in a birthing house and not a hospital. I was pondering over this for a couple of months and obviously like many other women like me, I didn’t know that a birthing house was even an option because no one ever talks about it (which sucks ass by the way). I, first of all, am a huge “nosocomephobe” and I absolutely dread hospitals…y’all have no idea. So finding out that birthing houses and midwives still do exist got me super excited. There aren’t many here in Quebec and not many people about them…they’re pretty much still considered not fit to do the job but let me tell you that I am a true believer that midwives are angels.


I initially wanted to give birth in a pool because I heard that it was less painful and your chances or tearing were minimal and so since I was in Jericho half way through my pregnancy, i sent out my dear sissy on a mission to finding a birthing pool place for me and like the hero she always is, she was able to get me on a waiting list to the Pointe Claire birthing house…and a few weeks later I got the call and I was in! I was so relieved and I couldn’t believe that I was going that route, but in my mind it was still a better option that the hospital. So as soon as I got to Montreal, I went to meet my midwife and my journey started there. She was knowledgeable and very assertive and knew what she was doing and pretty much slapped my fears out of me. She assured me that giving birth naturally is a good way to go and that many women before me have done it and that there is no fear in the process. Theses midwives are trained and have basic (a little more than basic) knowledge of medicine and so if there’s an emergency they can act quickly while waiting on an actual doctor to arrive. Although I went in later during my pregnancy to the birthing house, they made sure to keep me up to date on classes and natal care. They were always available on call for me whenever I had doubts, fears or questions.

I was lucky enough that my whole birth experience took five hours in total but my midwife was with me every minute and gave me strength when I became weak and pushed me to keep going when I almost gave up. Giving birth is not easy by any means and having done it, un-medicated at that, is a huge accomplishment in my books and I feel like from here on out, I am a superhero and nothing can stop me! I am not saying that going to a hospital is bad or giving birth through a c-section is any less heroic, all I am saying is, this experience gave me the strength I needed to say: yes, I can now conquer the world!

Honestly, it may seem so “retarded” to talk about midwives and birthing homes because we have hospitals and all the technology we need, but truly they are game changing in the labour/delivery process and sometimes, less is more. My experience proves that they still have space and room to practice their jobs safely without complications. Every experience and journey is different…but I am confident when I say (if you’re planning to give birth) that having birthing houses as an option in your pregnancy is excellent and you should look into it more.