One year later; marriage…a beautiful mess!

For those who’ve been reading my blog since the beginning know that I have been married for a year now. Gosh, I never thought I’d get here; always bet on ending my marriage at 6 months…haha! Only because I am a fierce, wild creature that cannot be tamed and many bet on me giving up quite quickly. Well for those who did, ha! In your face! On a serious note, I am very proud of how far we have come, both my husband and I come from different hemispheres and when I say different I mean it in every sense of the word. My husband is a complete oriental man, so much so that there are rules and ways about everything. I, on the other hand, am more western and although I come from a conservative home, we are freer to speak our mind and express ourselves to a certain extent (respect our elders is obviously a number one priority).


I have known my husband for three years now…been married for 1 whole year and what you expect and what you get is completely different. We were long distance for two years prior to me moving to Jericho and getting married and that wasn’t easy because you can never really get the actual feel of the relationship without seeing the person and feeling their energy. Although I feel in love at first touch…I feel like there was still a lot more I needed to learn about my husband (as he did I am sure). However, talking to him daily made me fall in love even more, he wasn’t what I was looking for but he made me feel special in a way I couldn’t explain to anyone. The first months of marriage were really rocky, as we were still trying to figure out how to deal with each other and we were constantly bickering (mostly me…because I was in a different environment) and making up…just like kids in high school. Even though I was angry with him a lot, it never got to the point where I hated him…which was in fact a good sign (except for that one time where I packed my bags and wanted to leave). I would say it took us a good 5 months to finally settle into each other’s habits and ways. It was healthy for us to argue but more importantly, it was even healthier to know when to stop arguing. As time passed, even though he was annoying me as hell, I fell even more in love with my husband.

My main issue, I guess, during my whole stay in Jericho was that I was not only marrying my husband but I was also marrying his whole clan, which something quite common in the Middle Eastern world. LOL (not so lol when things get real ugly)! I think it is really important for any couple to make it a point before going in too deep in a relationship to put limits to other people’s point of views and opinions because that will most definitely be a breaking point. If I allowed it to be the main focus of my attention, I would have long left my husband because I have no energy for negativity nor uninvited and pointless criticism.

Coming back to my husband…so like yeah he’s oriental and all but not so much that he has a stick up his behind. He is totes more conversation that I am and there are points where he needs to let go some of his shyness and perhaps “prestige” because life is short and being able to take things lightly will make life much more fun. He’s got some weird ways in acting with others but I think that’s more because of his career than anything else; he is a lawyer after all. I am an artist and so we’re complete opposites and I think it is true that opposites do attract. My husband is organized, calculated, safe, simple (in a good way), overly sensitive and very kind. He’s not as driven as I am and he likes to be where he knows his environment and doesn’t like change and sometimes doesn’t accept it too well. He needs time to adjust and needs to study everything very very very (I can go on and on) well before making any decisions. I am soooo not like that and that’s where his patience is very much appreciated and welcome. He’s got patience of a monk and I respect that very much. I am very impulsive, irrational, wild, carefree (somewhat…less than now) and very creative. I am kind to an extent but also bossy to another extent…I sometimes don’t have balance and I think that’s my biggest flaw and that is a point where it could either make me or break me. I am definitely fire and my husband calms me and pulls me down to earth and that helps me be more realistic about life. He lets me get my anger out and absorbs most of it very gallantly and I am grateful and touched by how easily he brushes it off. He loves me immensely and has made me fall in love with myself despite how hard I was on myself all those years before meeting him. I think us women, we tend to always want more from ourselves and we are our worst enemy but it is important, to succeed in other relationships, to accept ourselves first and be in love with ourselves husband played a huge role in that and that is one of the main reasons I was able to comprise so much and worked hard to make our first year of marriage work.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I guess what I am trying to say is, for a marriage to work; you need to communicate openly and work on the issues rather than letting them pile up on the side. Even though some subjects are hard to discuss, it is always important to be honest about your feelings and not be shy to admit that you are at fault. It’s not about who is right and who is wrong; it is about making your relationship flourish and blossom into something crazy but beautiful. I cannot predict the future nor can I say if my relationship will be forever, but I am damn will work hard for it to last as forever as possible. Marriage is not the easiest job, just like motherhood, but it can succeed if you know how to work around the little bumps and learn to be respectful with one another. I can absolutely certify that my husband is now my best friend and partner in crime more than before. We has our inside jokes, we have our little special bonds…we lose ourselves sometimes but we do find each other at the end and for that I am eternally thankful. So if you’re in a marriage and feel like giving up, I say don’t, try to make it work and talk it out because I am sure that at the end, there is a way. Marriage is a mess but it’s a beautiful one!

70s babe a la Ossie Clark & Celia Birtwell!

As I am getting closer to my due date, I am getting a little more tired but I am also making a lot of efforts to stay put and running. I was advised to take care of my health by my midwife and nutritionist and so it is crucial for me to stay active and to always be out and about. What keeps me motivated at this moment other than the sun is obviously dressing up pretty; there’s always room to dress up and look pretty. Since I have been on a 70s train, I got inspired to be all floral and bright and this outfit has got me all kinds of blissful. TBH, sometimes I feel like just being a couch potato and wearing nothing but my little knickers, however, I feel like if I give up now, I might stay stuck in a rut and it will stay that way after I deliver and I vowed to myself that I won’t be a bum-mum and that I would take care of myself for my own sake and for the sake of my little family.

So back to the main focus of this blog, the 70s is my second favourite era, right after the 50s. I love the disco fashion, the flares, the folkloric inspirations, the patterns, the prints and colors, the gypsy looks, the jumpsuits and the unisex fashion. Everything about the 70s is free and lively; you were allowed to be who you want to be without judgement. I took inspiration from those little elements to put together this outfit and I was really happy with the outcome.


These 70s inspired trousers are amazeballs and what drew me to them is definitely the mustard color. I have a very deep love for mustard, not a common kinda love, but a great one. The flowers also caught my attention and styling them was no issue to me, I felt like I could go a million different direction. Also, the mustard is a common characteristic of the 1970s…the era was typified by sober neutral palette of white, black, beiges and olives, earth tones were the mark of the day, set off by mustard, brick red, and dark orange. The light bottom flare is also super typical of that time. These trousers also remind me of a Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell design; this duo was famous for their bold prints, romantic designs and feminine cuts. If you ever have the time to google some of their work, I totes suggest you do, because it is well worth it!!! Colors are to die for!


BLAZER: Zara ♠ TANK: Thyme Maternity ♠ PANTS: Jules & Leopold ♠ SHOES: Topshop ♠ SUNNIES: Local shop in Jericho ♠ NECKLACE: Antique from Egypt ♠ BAG: Cole Haan

Since I wanted to be a little risky and was hoping to mix another type of pattern along with the pants, but couldn’t find anything in my wardrobe that could compliments the delightfulness of the trousers, I went with a pink blazer instead and I quite liked the combo; it was still bright and still give me the 70s vibes I was aiming for.


To keep things clean and bring the whole look together, I went with a simple white Cole Haan bag and Topshop pink sandals. I think I am still stuck on the 70s train and I don’t think I’ll get off any time soon! àààààà


New in: vintage shopping @ledressingdemoon!!!

In today’s blog post, I am sharing with y’all some of the new items I started posting on my Etsy shop and I am super proud of the new dresses I got. This time around, I did not hand pick every item physically, rather, I took a risk and ordered online from a vintage warehouse in the US. Granted, it was far too expensive that way, I just had a gut feeling that it was time to try something new and I am really happy of the outcome. I was sincerely expecting to be robbed because, well, you buy by pound and items are just put in bags and shipped to you without inspection. Upon checking the items meticulously, I was so ecstatic to see that everything was in tip top shape…well 97% of it was. There were some dresses that needed more care and more work, but overall I was happy with the items I got and I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces with you.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

This dress caught my eye the minute I got it out of the box. Why? Well because despite it being from the 70s, it’s super on trend at the moment. The polka dot print is taking over the fashion world by storm and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. I see it in every possible shade and this one is the cutest!! Pink and white, I mean what more could a girl ask for?! I love how the pleats are carefully sewn on the skirt and how they add a little bit of flare to a simple cut dress. I love how girly it is but super feminine at the same time and it’s super perfect for the summer time!


This one is probably me in a dress; it’s wild, it’s colourful, it’s super carefree. This is another 70s dress but much more out there; it isn’t for the faint of heart, haha! Because it’s crazy colourful, it’s easier to style, you don’t need to go crazy with accessories, unless you want to of course, no one is stopping you, you do you! This dress is the ultimate summer babe dress and it’s 100% cotton! I have a few dresses with a similar concept; boho chic, but this one has to be my favourite of them all. And since I can’t share 300 dresses on this blog (it’s going to take forever to go through them), I suggest your check out my ETSY store if you’re interested.


This is a special piece, for the woman looking to conquer the world, while still looking ultra-fierce; this is seriously the epitome of power suit. Even though it’s 90s only, it still has a je ne sais quoi flare about it! I think it’s the fact that it’s lined in pink, or maybe all the trims sewn on it…don’t know but I wish I can wear it now and just go be a girl boss randomly in the street!


I have many wonderful velour pieces this time around and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. My favourite of them all is this one! It’s so Grace Kelly, so glamorous, so delicate, so feminine, so sexy without being too revealing, it’s just overall perfect! I love the beautiful trim detailing and the beading, it’s very party appropriate without it being too out there. The weird combination of green and black; it’s a huge yes for me!


I can’t forget the accessories obviously; these were handpicked by either me or my mum recently. I have many favourite but I think this camel leather messenger bag is the one that stole my heart. Even though it’s super simple, I feel like it goes with everything you decided to wear and it’s super sturdy and fits everything including your kitchen sink!



So I invite you to check out the new items I recently added and of course to check the sales section!!! Because I added another 50% off and it’s totes worth it!

Cheers x



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Since being diagnosed as a diabetic preggo, it has become a mission of mine to constantly walk to reduce my glucose levels…and not just anywhere, I need to walk in nature where there are trees and flowers and birds and happy moments. Spending those happy moments with family is keeping me quite content and occupied; I no longer feel the need to count down to due date. I either spend my time working on perfecting my online shop, shipping out orders and finding new items to post. I am actually quite excited to share in an upcoming post some of the beautiful things I purchased to stock up my online store; some dresses are to die for!!! If I wasn’t pregnant, I think I would spend my entire summer changing up outfits and trying on dresses till I drop. There’s something just so exhilarating in trying on dresses from different eras, it’s like you almost feel the true essence of it through the clothes. Currently, I am dreaming of the 70s; Cher’s epic and bold style, Joni Mitchell’s exotic flare, Charo’s top bun and Barbra Streisand’s boobilicious body…uh, I can just stay there forever. I am craving to be creative but sometimes my little belly limits me from dressing up super fashion. So, here’s how I got inspired in my own way by the 70s…

I wore high waisted blackish/silver metallic culottes. They’re my regular non-maternity trousers, so since they were giving me a bit of a funny crotch situations, I had to hide it with a loose fitting top and this one is stolen from my sister’s wardrobe; that’s the true beauty of having siblings, you just get to steal their clothes without and, ifs or buts.

Since my shoe wardrobe department is quite limited these days, I opted for slides and that works out perfectly to easily slip in and out of them.



To maintain that 70s vibe, I threw on my veil as a little headscarf; super free-spirited and wild of me, I know!


Overall, nature, lately, has been my refuge and I am quite happy with just needing that at the moment to stay positive and refreshed. I feel like the more I spend time outside, the less I stress about giving birth…so here’s to another 2 months of walking in parks and enjoying the sunshine!



A visit to “Maison Lavande”

If you’re in Montreal and you’re bored to bits and pieces and have nothing to do for the next couple of weekends, then why don’t you go to the lavender fields in St-Eustache? It has always been a little girl dream of mine to walk in those purple fields for hours and dance around as the wind blows the lavender beautiful therapeutic sent up my nostrils. Finally, with the push of my little darling niece who also wanted to go, I ended pursing the rest of the family to join in for a healing journey. You can spend the entire day walking around, taking photos, strolling, relaxing and picnicking all for the price of 10$ per person (or free for those under 11). It was totes worth it. Even though, I expected the smell of lavenders to just waft up my nose and wrap me overwhelmingly but the smell was mild. I still highly recommend you visit Maison Lavande for a day of family fun. Even though it was busy, it was still relaxing to sit in the fields and enjoy the sun. I fell in love immediately and felt serene throughout the whole visit.


So in today’s post, I wanted to share some photos of the place along with some outfit details…since I have been a little MIA lately; growing by the second here and haven’t been inspired to dress fancy.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

You will have plenty to do and see there and I promise you won’t even want to check the time because you’ll absolutely love it. I also recommend you try tasting something from the Bistro; either a fresh and cold lavender juice or a lavender frozen yogurt….so delicious and punchy, in a good way!


As for my outfit, I went for something comfortable and somewhat monochrome…I mean I did want to take loads of pictures in the fields…so I didn’t want to wear something too colourful and crazy because I wanted the main focus to be on the gorgeous lavender plants. So I went for a pink/salmon color scheme and wore a dress I owned previously but haven’t put in a while as a shirt and just added my maternity jeans; pretty simple and straightforward–nothing too avant-garde! So to keep that salmon scheme going, I wore my current favourite rose pink flat mules from Kenneth Cole Reaction and those cute little pompom pinkish earrings.


DRESS: Pink Rose ♥ JEANS: Thyme Maternity ♥ SHOES: Kenneth Cole Reaction ♥ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♥EARRINGS: Claire’s


I suggest you hit up the fields this month because the flowers are super in bloom and so you’ll fully take advantage of the view!

Gestational Diabetes; the deets!

Getting into this pregnancy, I didn’t know what exactly needed to go down…having been followed by different doctors is a little confusing and since the majority of my pregnancy was spent in the Middle East, I was unclear about a lot of the complications and issues that could potentially happen during last trimester. Although I had done the glucose/diabetes test in Jericho and ended up receiving very high test results…I didn’t take it too seriously because I thought maybe it was just a mistake. Redoing the test was a must when I met up with my midwife here; I ended up doing the 3 hours glucose tolerance test and I wasn’t that pleasant. Basically this test is to be done with a 8 hours fast and once you get to your appointment, they take a blood sample the second you arrive and they then give you a glucose orange (super gross) solution to drink and make you wait for 1 hour. Then they take another blood sample and let you wait another hour and then for the last time, take another blood sample. Unfortunately, I ended up having horrible results and had high glucose level at all 3 blood draws, which sucks ass! That is called gestational diabetes and I still didn’t take it seriously until my midwife explained to me how serious and dangerous it could be for me and my baby if not taken care of immediately.


Basically gestational diabetes is when pregnant women end up having type 2 diabetes; the pancreas becomes a little dysfunctional and doesn’t process sugar well. This means the excess sugar you have goes through the placenta and directly to the baby. What is important to note is that if not taken care of, the excess sugar will make your baby overweight which will then lead to complications in delivery. Babies born to mothers with poorly treated gestational diabetes are at increased risk of being too large, having low blood sugar after birth, and jaundice. And to the most extreme, if diabetes is untreated, it can result in a stillbirth.

I then didn’t have too much choice but work on keeping my glucose level stable for the next 3 months. I am now followed by a nutritionist, a doctor and my midwife; seems a bit extreme, I know! I feel a little bit overwhelmed with the whole process but I am getting the hang of it, now that I am in it. I basically now carry a glucose monitor around and I have to check my sugar levels at least 5 times a day (before and after meals). Since I am not too much of a sweet tooth anyway, my nutritionist didn’t force me to extremely change my diet but rather to add more fibre and protein; which isn’t too complicated anyway.

It’s been a week now since I started this checking process and I am getting the hang of it. It’s not as bad as I thought and honestly anyone can get the hang of it too. You just have to be patient and it’s not about cutting every sweet thing off, it’s about balance. Everything in life is about balance.

Gestational diabetes/pregnancy diabetes is not like regular diabetes, results are a bit different because we have to be extra vigilant about the intake. Our levels should be less than 5.3 before food and less than 7.8 after food. My high glucose level is mostly related to stress…but also when I consume liquid sugars, which I wasn’t aware of. Drinking milk is one of the main reasons I end up with high results. My dietician explained to me that it’s okay to drink milk, but to do it in small quantities at a time. The same goes for anything sweet; such as dates or cake or whatever, it is important to try to avoid sweets, but if I have urges, I can eat them in controlled quantities.

Along with watching what I eat, my doctor and dietician both recommended that I work out at least 30 minutes or more daily. Since I lose my balance easily these days, due to my huge belly, I choose to walk and I try to 10 000 steps daily. So far, so good and I feel like it gives me more energy to be active. On days where my glucose levels are high, I feel it in my body and my energy; I feel disgusting and super lethargic…my body is achy and weak. So for the sake of being more active and happy, I choose to just keep up with this new routine.

With the help that I am getting, I feel less overwhelmed and I feel like this is not major anymore and that I can get through it. I think once you receive the help necessary, you automatically feel safe and content. The team I am with is super professional and very informative and what I love it that they take the time to answer my questions and put me at ease. So if you’re pregnant and suffer from gestational diabetes, you can do it!


The Cami Handkerchief Jumpsuit edit!

I am here again with another pregnancy outfit; I have been quite inspired lately and dressing up has been the only thing cheering up my mood. I have been quite sad, missing le hubs, and so, being creative is my only outlet. Along with the few other purchases I have made recently for my pregnancy, this jumpsuit was one of them. It isn’t a pregnancy item in particular, but it works well for now as it will fro after the pregnancy and this is exactly why I bought it. I got it from EBay a few weeks ago and received it just in time to be able to wear it for the remainder of my pregnancy. I ended up buying it in black and red and I absolutely love how comfy and lightweight it is. I ended up getting it in an XL, for some reason, I thought I would be huge in my third trimester, but it ended up being a little too big, but nothing crazy though; I like how loose it is and what I would be after the baby is just cinch it up with a huge belt and I am sure it would look bomb. I guess I could do that now, but the looser the item the better, I don’t feel restricted or tight.


To top it off, I added a little bit of drama with this upcycled jacket. A jacket I have had for a while but not worn ever…until today, I felt like it made the outfit a little less boring, a little less fat beach whale and a lot more fashionable.


JACKET: @ledressingdemoon ♠ JUMPSUIT: Ebay ♠ SHOES: Urban Outfitters ♠ SUNNIES: Kate Spade ♠ EARRINGS: H&M

I got these slip-on mules a few months back because I knew I would have such a hard time in my third trimester get in and out of shoes; the struggle is real people!!! It is real! Bending is nearly impossible…for someone as flexible as me, I feel like I took it for granted, haha!


To add a little bit more jazz in the outfit, I add these gorgeous yellow earrings from H&M a while back, because I knew they would be the perfect outfit finisher. You just add them to any outfit you like for a pop of color and voila, the trick is done. You instantly look put together.