A little bit orange!

We had a birthday party to go to and I felt like dressing light and colourful because the sun is shining and beaming. I don’t spend much time outside because I don’t want to end up with hyperpigmentation spots on my face but the days the I do go out in full sun, I take advantage of. Today is one of those days. The party was set to be outside and so, I wanted to work on my tan a little better and didn’t want any awkward lines on my face, with the veil and all, so what I ended up doing is wearing my veil in a turban style. Second trimester has been treating me well so far and i am taking full full advantage of dressing up and looking cute…I know that soon, that might change depending on the swelling and the size of my bump.


It’s already quite hot here in Jericho 29 degrees and so layering was not on the table. I ended up opting for a colourful button down shirt which gave me huge summer vibes and made me happy.


I got these slide sandals from a local shop here in Jericho. It was the last pair on the shelf and it was my size so I figured that it was a sign for me to “indulge” and by indulge I mean spend a whooping price of 18$. Such a splurge I tell ya! I haven’t shopped much recently, so it felt good to buy something new for the first time in a long while. I bought it not only because it’s cute but for the pure practicality of it. Being pregnant and having a bump is harder than I thought it would be when trying to tie your shoes. I have had to ask my husband’s help a couple of times to strap me in my shoes. God bless his little heart! So having slides during the summer time is super useful and fundamental really to easy dressing. Plus, they’re a good alternative to ugly flip-flips. Never wearing those in public!


SHIRT: Topshop ◊ PANTS: Buffalo (thrifted) ◊ SHOES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ SUNGLASSES: From a local shop in Jericho ◊ EARRINGS: H&M


Sadly, and for obvious reasons, my regular jeans and pants no longer fit, however, I have managed to make them work by adding hair elastics to give them a little bit more extension. Not the greatest look, but it works and when you have a long top on, no one will ever notice. It’s a super subtle and effective way to wear your regular clothes during pregnancy.


Dressing up has always brought joy to me, but sometimes, I am demotivated easily by my surroundings and discouragements. Therefore, I am doing my best these days to have a different outfit every day and make it count; because I know that when baby comes, I won’t have too much time to pamper myself at first. Although, I am going to try and do my best to give both baby and I the time we deserve.



The pregnancy workouts edit!

Those who say that the second trimester is the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy and they are absolutely right! Since hitting the 17 weeks mark I have been feeling quite energetic and happy all over because I eat better and I don’t vomit my life away anymore. Not gonna lie, there are days where I feel like I am literally dying but most of the time I am up for everything and anything. But since I am getting a little heavier and a little wonkier and my joints hurt if I don’t move around too much, I have made it my mission to workout lightly every day for the next couple of months till the baby is out. I started with a little yoga and then transitioned to prenatal workouts. I found a couple that were interesting on YouTube but some were super intense and I feel like I do want to work out but not kill myself. Since the baby is low, I tend to have a little bit of bleeding here and there, so I don’t want to push myself to the point where something, God forbid, goes bad. It’s just simple 20 to 30 minutes workouts to get the blood pumping and the joints moving and oiled. It might seem like an everyday workout is insane and intense for being pregnant but trust me, it’s the perfect amount of movement you need to get your body and core strong in preparation of the delivery.


I have found these amazing videos from a beautiful lady called Amy from the YouTube channel Bodyfit by Amy. She’s very energetic, super lovable, interesting and pulls you into her workout routines to give you the maximum benefit with less pain and discomfort as possible. Her workouts vary depending on what you are looking for and what I like the most with Amy is that she gives you options while working out depending on your strength and your level of ease. I have been doing these routines for about a month now and I honestly cannot be happier that I have taken the chance on doing so. My joints feel better, my body is less achy and my energy is steady day in day out. I am content with the videos and workout routines and I tend to alternate between cardio, stretching, balancing and strengthening; I alternate between 3 videos and depending on the days and how I feel, I either push more or less without injuring myself. Stretching really does help with releasing the tension you start to feel in your hip area and that helps me sleep better at night. What’s great about finding Amy’s videos is that I can work out whenever I want from the comfort of my own home and plus, extra bonus, it’s absolutely free.

Here are the links to the 3 videos I currently use:

20 Prenatal Pilates Workout

25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout

30 Minute Prenatal Strength Workout

I think it is super important to move during your pregnancy because you’ll feel better and less sorry for yourself. With my own experience, I find that I am less angry with my pregnancy and I definitely enjoy it more because of the rise in my energy levels. My stamina is better and I am less breathless than before! I can go up the stairs without panting like a frantic dog. And, I deal with my emotions and hormones much better. My goal when I started training is to be skinny or the fittest in the world, it was more to keep my mental state happy and healthy. Couldn’t be happier and I suggest you looking into these videos because they’re really good!

Pregnancy edit: best purchases I’ve made!

I have shown you over the past couple of weeks some items I had added into my wardrobe to fit my newly growing body; especially in the pants department. I don’t really have a huge issue with my tops because I always tend to buy them one or two sizes bigger. I have been in love with the oversized look for a couple of year now! I tend to fitted clothes only on special occasion and only when I feel like my body is at its best. As for my pants on the other hand, I like them to fit me just right and I don’t like them too be too big because they give a really bad crotch area or ripples around the tights, which is a look you should always try to avoid.

Most of the items I ended up adding to my wardrobe were from Jordan…from the shop called MAX. They weren’t expensive and I know that I will wear them even after pregnancy because I didn’t shop for them at the maternity section. I truly think it’s quite the rip off to buy maternity jeans for 300$, I just can’t wrap my head around that. Insane! I bought that beautiful pink sweater that is going to get me through winter next year! That black maxi skirt which is super versatile and quite easy to wear. And these pants! Jersey I think is the best way to go when it comes to comfort in pregnancy; it’s loose, airy, comfortable and hugs you in all the right places!

I got these pants also from Max and got them in a size 12UK. I usually either wear 8 or 10 in UK sizing. SO got them bigger so that it accommodated my growing belly and so far so good. They are a little big but I pull them over my belly, so they stay in place! What I like is that they’re not boring at all and you can style them in many different creative ways.

Here’s how I styled them for a little brunch at the in laws:



DENIM SHIRT: Pink Woman ∴ TEE: Forever 21 Tupac and Biggie Smalls ∴ PANTS: Max ∴ SHOES: Badgley Mischka

Since they are a little too long for me and I didn’t feel like cutting them or tailor them; I wore heels! And yes, the same ones! Can you tell they’re my current obsession even though I have other heels that need some lovin’.


I wanted to keep it casual with a little bit of effortless chic, hence the high heels and the printed tee. I have had this graphic muscle tee for about 3 years now and it is still going strong! This look gives me a little bit of Rihanna vibes…she likes to wear super casual leggings or sweatpants with heels all the time.

If you guys are looking for similar items, as always, here are some pictures with links below!


Party look: pregnancy edit!

I am definitely starting to feel preggo…I am getting a little heavier and my movement is a little slower. Plus, my joints having been hurting me like crazy…that sort of joint pain you feel sometimes when it’s super super humid out, yeah that pain. It sometimes stops me from being energetic and even if I hit the 5 months mark, I still do feel extremely exhausted at time and a little bit nauseated; but it is honestly tolerable and I am okay to function. So today my husband pushed me to get dressed and go out with his to his friend’s engagement party, I mean yes I was all up for it, but at the same time I felt pretty sad because nothings fits me nicely in my closet at the moment. Since there was no time to borrow or shop for something, I dug really deep into my wardrobe and found these Topshop glittery trousers which I had bought a couple of months ago but never wore (tag was still on). I usually like my things to be looser on the bottom because I feel like I have huge hip…but really I don’t that much; I am just hourglass! Anyway, the pants were in a size 10UK, so I gave them a go and they fit me perfectly!!!! They even closed all the way and I didn’t need any extension, which felt pretty amazing! I mean, I really don’t care at this point if I end up with loads of stretch marks or how much weight I’ll gain, I am super not even thinking about it, but I feel a little sad that I don’t get to wear pretty things…I mean colors and fashion make me so much happier. I know I could compromise for the next 4 months that are left, but if I could sneak in a killer outfit here and there, once in a while, then why not?


I went with an all grey theme today…seems like it’s a new color I am loving at the moment! To bring a pop of color into a totally bland color scheme, I added some mustard and some burgundy…two other colors I love. I am having such a mustard moment and I wish I could buy everything mustard, but that would just be completely insane. So here’s how my little outfit turned out:



I was happy that my shirt was a little looser on my tummy area because it hid my bump perfectly and it didn’t completely give away the fact that I am pregnant. Sometimes I feel like I get looked at and classified as a physically challenged person and I know it comes from a good place. But having people telling me to stop carrying grocery bags or stop working out or stop standing so much is a little annoying…I mean, we are women, we are made strong and I will certainly not use my pregnancy as a crutch to become a lazy bum. Although sometimes it’s nice to veg out, but I find that I get more tired if I do nothing. Anyway, I love this shirt, it’s vintage silk Thai shirt that I got a couple of months ago from the Nova store in Hudson. It’s a little bit big on me, but it works out perfectly for my current state.



SHIRT: BOGIES Thai Silk (Vintage) ♠ PANTS: Topshop ♠ BAG: Nine West ♠ SHOES: Badgley Mischka ♠ SUNGLASSES: Guess

Again with the same shoes, I know you guys have seen them about a million times already, but I love them and they’re so dear to me that I just want to wear them all the time and never take them off!


I find it so funny that in a little town of 30 000 people, there are engagement parties and wedding every week. It’s like where do all these people getting married come from, not complaining, just wondering. Anyway it always makes for a good excuse to dress up.



Steal her style: Princess Diana

Hubs and I were heading out for dinner today just because I didn’t feel like cooking, so I thought perfect opportunity to have a pretty outfit on! And since I have made this into my mission this year, I am going to do a steal her style post. For today’s steal her style, I am going with someone who obviously was a style icon and will still continue to be despite the fact that she’s no longer around with us. Princess Diana was the epitome of grace, style and natural beauty. One of the remarkable things about her style is that she wasn’t afraid to go out there and dress how she wanted. Some outfits were super simple and others were extravagant and that’s what I love…opposite extremes. One of the prominent details that kept popping up in her outfits was her love for polka dots…she wore them in every possible color; green, red, white, black…you name it! So for today’s outfit, I decided to go about my closet and dress like Princess Diana for a day and it was quite entertaining with my big belly being in the way (it’s not really that big…but I am still not use to it, sometimes I forget it’s there). I have been super into oversized clothing this year, even before getting pregnant…there’s just something so effortlessly cool about this look.

Here’s how my outfit turned out:


I always like to have my shirts in a size or two bigger than my actual size, just because they’re useful for when I wear tight skinnies or miniskirts. So in the tops department, I am currently very good and there ain’t no need for me to buy any maternity tops.


I stole this polka skirt from mom’s closet a couple of weeks ago because I knew I would use it with my belly growing and all. I’m hogging mom’s closet for clothes till this baby pops out or until further notice (kinda loving it)! It’s super handy, plus I get to wear trendy clothes and I don’t spend a ton of money. Since it was still a little too big on me, I pinned it from the back so that it stays in place, over my belly, and so that it could give me the midi skirt vibes.


TOP: Topshop ♥ SKIRT: Laura II ♥ SHOES: Aldo ♥ SUNGLASSES: Claire’s ♥ BAG: Kate Spade ♥ NECKLACE: Gold-Damas

There are many ways that you can get inspired by Princess Diana’s wardrobe; she the inspiration to many designers and influencers in the industry. It was easier for me to put my own twist to it and so having the opposite polka dot colors on the top and bottom made it easier for me to feel comfortable. Having more room to breathe in my clothes is crucial these days and it was the perfect outfit for me, I feel like I found balance and style all at once. Going with flats was a better option for me today, because I wanted to be able to walk long without feeling tired. It was a pretty monochromatic look and adding the red bag just tied the whole look together. Super thrilled!





A date with nature…take two!

I find myself spending an incredibly alarming long time on my phone and social media, perhaps because I am not as busy as I use to be or perhaps because I am simply just bored. I could easily stay on my phone for up to 7 or 8 hours a day looking through Instagram, watching Youtube or even just reading articles or blogs. Back home, I use to sit on my phone yes, but not nearly as close as I do now. It’s disgusting how much I have come depend of my phone these days and whenever I go somewhere, I have to have it with me and if I get bored with the people we’re with, I just take my phone out and start scrolling. Not to be disrespectful or anything…but I guess it’s normal for people here to do that. When I first moved here, I was shocked to see how much time people spend on their androids or iPhones. People of all ages on top of it! As early as 18 months!!! Seeing this made me realize I am damaging myself and possibly my child. Family time here is mostly phone time, each person has their phone in their hand and there you have it…that’s socializing! it’s sickening and not in the RuPaul awesome kind of way. You become obsessed and the minute you don’t have your phone in hand, you feel naked and unbalanced. I decided to step on the break and back up a little.

See, I grew up in a home where playing video games or watching TV wasn’t really a thing, we instead spent our weekends reading up books at the library and it was a time we genuinely all looked forward to! I remember reading up all the Noddy, Garfield and Baby-Sitters Club books I could get my hands on. Kinda miss those simple days. Whenever we felt super rebellious, my siblings and I used to watch ice skating for hours on Sundays, cheering up Kurt Browning. I think my sister even had a crush on him! So I thought to myself, why would I want to raise a child that juices up on social media and technology from a young age? Therefore, I have made it my mission, for hubs and I, to spend as much time as possible together outside in nature, especially on his weekend. No phones allowed! Which leads me to today’s post and I am so proud to say that we spent a good 4ish hours outside in nature soaking up some sun. It was absolutely fantastic and hubs and I felt completely re-energized and re-centered.





We went to this town 10km north of Jericho with our lunch to have a picnic in nature. We wanted to spend a good amount of time outside, just enjoying the view and the water river/lake there. Little did we know the water was all dried up; nonetheless we had a bomb time.

Water before it dried up a couple of years ago…


We didn’t really go into the city of Al-Auja; we went to the outskirts and sat close to the Bedouins, right under a tree and listen to the birds fly by and the music that was playing from other picnic-ers. I mean the place was pretty simple, but it was enough for us to sit together and enjoy each other’s company and talk about everything and anything. We giggled, we laughed, we relaxed and that to me meant everything! Nothing in the world can replace moments like this one.

I think, as humans, we get so caught up on technology and work and life’s tensions that we forget to take a moment to ourselves and connect with nature and it sucks and it’s sad because we take everything around us for granted. I mean even taking a little moment to smell flowers can change up your mood and bring up your spirits. So slow down, unwind and enjoy nature’s bounties!

Let’s talk vintage!

One of the main things that kept my spirit high this year was managing and having my online business running. I started my vintage online shop 2 years ago and couldn’t be prouder of myself; I rarely gloat over my little successes (others many not see them as such but I don’t care). I tend to keep quiet about what I do, unless someone is super interested and asks me to give full details. Fashion was always my home away from home; finding myself through colors and textures wasn’t a challenge at all…in fact, it came naturally to me. However, to continue as a fashion designer, with my own line, I had to give up on a lot of my values, which I really wasn’t ready to do (not before, not now and not ever). Therefore, my sister and I had the brilliant idea to open a vintage shop, but her condition was for me to open an online shop and start from there, see how it goes and then move forward with a real store. Then, life happened and my store idea was set on the side, but my online shop was starting to go so well, I didn’t care much. I started having pop up shops, participating in events and selling a lot of my stock…then buying more, then selling more. Even my mom got excited about, she started collecting vintage pieces for me to sell, might I add that some were questionable (those were the ones that sold). I always argued with her about a lot of things, but in the end I am honoured, humbled, touched and rejoiced by how much my family got as excited as I did about my project; my husband is now on the bandwagon. I mean curating vintage is like being Indiana Jones…you re-discover history and give it life; each piece you find tells a story. Besides, you do good to nature by upcycling and recycling. Opening up a shop is still a goal of mine and I am just waiting for the write time to do it.

In today’s post, I am sharing with you wonderful readers and follower my favourite pieces in my shop and also sneaking-ly tell you about the discount I am holding (so you get to enjoy it now through April 15th!!!).


I usually collect pieces from my mom, from shopping in other vintage shops, from going to vintage warehouses and even from traveling. If there’s a piece that looks special and speaks to me, I pick it up…clean it, zhush it, photograph it and then post it’ and voila! The trick is done! I pretty much do it from A to Z…since moving, I only do the online part and my sisters help take care of the shipping for me. It’s all a team effort really and I couldn’t be happier to have my amazing family involved. Super lucky and blessed!

The Moroccan tunic


I picked this piece up from a warehouse based in Toronto. They have bags and bags and bags filled with vintage items from all eras and from around the world. You need a whole day there to go through it all. My sister and I get a kick out of it and love going through everything and laughing and giggling at some hideous items and enjoying what’s nice. We’re like little kids in a candy shop…we see something we love, then automatically get distracted by something even cooler. This is probably the best part of curating vintage; spending the time with my sister, my bestie, is something I would never change. So, this particular piece spoke to me for the details; the tape stitched on the front is so authentic is reminds me of being in Morocco all over again. The fabric is perfection too; the state it’s in is just beautiful. It’s light and airy! Plus, this piece is versatile enough to wear as is or to even add it over jeans; it would give such a cool, je ne sais quoi, style.

The butterfly caftan


I got this one from a trip to Jordan a few years ago and wanted to keep it for myself because it’s just so pretty…but then I had two and a few too many similar styles in my wardrobe. So, I ended up posting it. It’s a gorgeous piece to wear on special occasions…and yes, it can be overwhelming for some, but if you style this bad boy out with simple accessories, it would look stunning!

The Mexican Oaxacan


This dress is also known as the San Antonino dress (aka Mexican Wedding Dress). I had a few of those posted but a lot sold out and I have two remaining and this being one of them. I wish I could wear it…but I would end up covering it so much, that honestly…there’s no more purpose for me to even put it on. These dresses are characterized by the delicacy of the embroidery, as well as the preservation of traditional forms and motifs. Fine silk and cotton thread are usually used to achieve brilliant and precise floral motifs on lightweight cotton fabric. The only thing I would say is that sometimes, the colors are so vibrant they end up smearing on the white fabric…but with delicate care, these pieces would last forever and plus, you can wear them on nights out and still look bomb!

The sequin “Great Gatsby” dress


This one is to die for! I have a big selection of sequin/party dresses and items. I mean it couldn’t possibly be Le Dressing de Moon without sequins and sparkle…this is who I am and I am in love with that section. I am not going to lie…whenever I have events to go to…I always dig into my vintage closet for outfits. For one, I know that I’ll look special and for two, I know that no one else will have the same outfit as me. So win-win!

The accessories section

I’ve got bags, necklaces, brooches, shoes and the whole nine yards. My accessories section’s game is awesome AF! It’s probably one of my favourite sections to edit…because there are so many ways to style these items, so many ways to describe them and so many ways to photograph them. This section is probs the most creative one for me and besides, accessories are what make an outfit pop!



For them chicks looking to rock one hell of a suit, then I got ya gurl! I have suits that are remarkable and from the 70s. Suits are versatile; you can wear them as one, or as separates and that what I love about them. I had a few of my own, but since moving away, ended up selling them and I kindda regret it, because well, suits are badass and now I am looking to re-acquire some unique suits into my closet; but like really colourful ones!!! Like a hot pink one, or even an orange! That would be killer!!!

♠ ♠ ♠

So there ya have it folks! These are some of my favourite pieces in my shop and I am holding a sale currently, spring clear-out sale…to sort of renew my stock and to introduce new items that I have been collecting. The sale will be on till April 15th and all you gotta do is use the code SPRINGCLEAROUT at check out to get 30% off when you spend 50$ or more. Not to be a pusher or anything, but go take a look and enjoy it while it lasts!!!